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Did Kanye West Get the Idea to Run for President from This Kid in the VMAs Audience?

Kanye's random announcement might've been more impulsive than we thought.
September 1, 2015, 5:35pm
Image via Flickr user Jason Persse

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The best thing about the 2015 VMAs wasn't the Nikki Minaj beef or Miley's outspoken love of weed or even the Bieber tears—it was Kanye West's ten-minute Video Vanguard Award acceptance speech, where he announced his 2020 presidential bid. The speech was rambling, weird, and powerful: hip-hop is still one of the primary ways to hear black voices in pop culture, and the way Kanye's candidacy announcement has been accepted as a joke says a lot about the marginalization of black voices as a whole.

All that aside, Kanye West's presidential announcement did come across as off-the-cuff and impulsive. And now, a new video has emerged that appears to back that up.

Stereogum reports that a video posted on Twitter yesterday shows someone in the VMAs audience shouting "Kanye for president!" seconds before 'Ye announces his 2020 candidacy. Did the kid lob Yeezy the idea and he just ran with it? Give the video a watch and decide for yourself:

Me foreshadowing — • (@0nlyPablo)August 31, 2015

If Kanye doesn't end up on a ballot in 2020, maybe he can wait another 20 years and go head-to-head against modern-day folk hero Deez Nuts.