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We Meet The Parents Medicating Their Kids with Weed on the First Episode of 'WEEDIQUETTE' on VICELAND

Watch the first episode of 'WEEDIQUETTE' on VICELAND, where we meet families using hyper-potent weed oil to treat their children's life-threatening cancer.
February 23, 2016, 5:00am

On February 29, VICE will launch our new TV channel, VICELAND—a 24-hour cable channel featuring hundreds of hours of new programming. It's been a lot of work, but we're very proud to share what we have been making. Today, we're bringing you the first episode of WEEDIQUETTE, a classic VICE show that's making the leap to TV.

In our season premiere, our host Krishna travels to Oregon and California to meet families who—as a last resort—have turned to hyper-potent weed oil to treat their children's life-threatening cancers with seemingly positive results.

Cancer is the second-leading cause of death in the US, and so far, most cutting-edge therapies can be complicated, expensive, and highly invasive. There's a wild notion gaining traction among medical marijuana advocates that the chemicals in weed have undiscovered cancer-fighting properties. But with little hard evidence, families whose children have terminal varieties of the disease are taking matters into their own hands and getting their kids super stoned to save their lives.

There are many players in the weed revolution, each one with a story, and we'll be giving them all a chance to tell their tale when VICELAND goes live on February 29.

Give our first episode of WEEDIQUETTE a watch above and stay tuned for new episodes airing on VICELAND Tuesdays at 11 PM. Visit our website and find out about all the ways that you can watch our new VICELAND shows.