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Radical conservative Roy Moore beats Trump pick in Alabama, Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive, DEA chief to resign this week, and more.
September 27, 2017, 2:45pm

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US News

Fringe Candidate Roy Moore Wins Alabama Primary
Roy Moore won the Republican primary runoff for Attorney General Jeff Sessions's vacated Senate seat Tuesday, beating Luther Strange, a candidate backed by President Trump. A staunch evangelical conservative and far-right radical, Moore had received support from former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. An adviser to the pro-Trump group Great America Alliance said the victory was a "playbook" for the "upcoming war against Mitch McConnell and his establishment."—VICE News

Fake News Writer Found Dead in Arizona
Paul Horner, the man who claimed widely shared stories he fabricated during the 2016 election helped elect Donald Trump, was discovered dead at his home in the Phoenix area. A police spokesman said evidence found at the home suggested the 38-year-old may have died of "an accidental overdose."—USA Today


DEA Chief to Resign This Week
Chuck Rosenberg, acting head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, was said to be planning to call it quits later this week, apparently frustrated by working under a man who has a strange conception of the rule of law. After Trump told law enforcement not to be "too nice" with suspects in July, Rosenberg wrote a memo to all DEA employees urging them to "always act honorably."—The New York Times

At Least Four Arrested at Berkeley Protest
Police arrested Yvonne Felarca, a teacher at the University of California, Berkeley, along with three other people after left-wing activists clashed with right-wing nationalists on campus. Joey Gibson, leader of the conservative group Patriot Prayer, organized the event after a more ambitious "Free Speech Week" was canceled, claiming "disgusting things" were going on at Berkeley.—CBS News

International News

Iraq Threatens Kurdistan with Air Embargo
Iraqi prime minister Haider al Abadi ordered the government in the country's northern Kurdish region to pass off control of its airports by 3 PM Friday or else face a ban on international flights. The demand came just before the Kurdistan Regional Government said early results from Monday's referendum show a majority of Iraqi Kurds chose independence.—Al Jazeera

Saudi Arabia to Allow Women to Drive
King Salman has ruled that women should be allowed to drive in the Gulf state, with a long-standing ban to be lifted in June next year. Prince Khaled bin Salman, the Saudi ambassador to the US, said women would not need men to sanction driving lessons and called the royal decree "the right decision at the right time."—VICE News/BBC News


Duterte Says Gangs Have 'Flooded' Philippines with Meth
Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte has accused gangs in Hong Kong and Taiwan of using his country to move drugs to the US. "We are flooded with drugs," he said. "This is the first time I would reveal it… the Philippines today is a client state of the Bamboo triad." Duterte called on the US for assistance.—VICE News

Absent Former Thai Prime Minister Given Five-Year Prison Sentence
Yingluck Shinawatra was handed the term by Thailand's Supreme Court after being found guilty of "negligence" in overseeing a rice subsidy while she was prime minister. She is believed to have fled overseas last month before a scheduled court date. The head of the military government Prayuth Chan-ocha said "spies" had told him where she was but declined to reveal her location.—The Guardian

Everything Else

Twitter Experiments with Tweets Allowing 280 Characters
The social media giant is doubling the 140-character limit for a small number of users in a trial. The company said it wants to allow "every person around the world to easily express themselves."—TIME

Young Dolph Shot in Los Angeles
The 32-year-old Memphis rapper was taken to the hospital after a gunman reportedly shot him in the valet parking area of a Hollywood hotel. The MC was said to be in critical condition after surgery.—Noisey

'SNL' Star Says He Has Borderline Personality Disorder
Pete Davidson revealed he was diagnosed with the condition in December after entering rehab for problems he assumed were linked to regular weed use. The comedian told Marc Maron his new medication was "working, slowly but surely."—Rolling Stone

'Game of Thrones' Stars Get Engaged
Kit Harington and Rose Leslie—who play Jon Snow and Ygritte in the HBO series—shared their news in the Times of London's "forthcoming marriages" section. The couple made their relationship public at the 2016 Olivier Awards.—BBC News

Leonardo DiCaprio to Play Teddy Roosevelt
The actor has reportedly agreed to star as the 26th president in a biopic Martin Scorsese is directing for Paramount. The now-frequent collaborators have been trying to get the movie made for a decade.—VICE

Getty Images Bans Photoshopped Model Shots
The agency has emailed all contributors to tell them not to send any photos "depicting models whose body shapes have been retouched to make them look thinner or larger." France is introducing a fine for any altered photo not marked as "retouched."—i-D