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Lor Choc's "Fast Life" Is the Financial Optimism We All Need

The Baltimore singer praises every route to the bag.

Baltimore's Lor Choc has amassed wide admiration in the local scene for her ability to tap into what's ailing her most and translating it into hearty singing and autobiographical raps. In 2016, the 19-year-old made an impression on fans with single "Run Up On Me," which features her swift transitions between the two deliveries, sometimes switching from rapping to singing bar-after-bar. Still, Choc considers the music she makes as R&B.


"Since I could talk I've been singing. I was on the choir in both elementary and middle school. I only sung my first year of high school but I've always been a singer," she tells me over the phone. "I have a different sound. It's not necessarily street, so a lot of the street local rappers have the wave here in the city. I don't consider myself a rapper I'm more like an R&B singer." On songs like "Girlfriends," "Wind On Me," and "Cold Hearted" from her 2016 mixtape Worth the Wait, she sang about experiences with past and prospective love interests.

Today, we're premiering another showcase of Choc's crooning with her new song and video, "Fast Life." The song finds her praising anybody on the pursuit of cash, no matter which way they get to it. It was a transition in her life, making the move from earning dirty money to clean money that inspired the track. "The song is really about me," she says. "I took a break from the music to focus on school. I'm still into getting money, just into getting it in different ways now. They tried to count me out." On the hook, she urges "run your bands up," in a singing voice that sounds like a raspier Dej Loaf.

The video is a snapshot of summertime in Baltimore, showing Choc chilling in her native Gilmor Homes on the city's westside, people making snowballs on the street, and a neighborhood basketball game. Next month, she'll release Still Worth The Wait, a follow up to last year's tape. "People will notice how I've matured," Choc previewed. "No more street music. Just a more soft, relaxed type of sound that you can just vibe to." Watch "Fast Life" above.

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