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Daily Horoscope: August 3, 2017

The Moon enters Capricorn today.
Cathryn Virginia
illustrated by Cathryn Virginia

The Moon, in Sagittarius, meets Saturn at 3:37 AM, creating a serious atmosphere early this morning. People will feel freer when the Moon connects with Uranus later on at 5:38 PM. Finally, the Moon enters driven Earth sign Capricorn at 8:37 PM.

All times EST.


Excitement is in the air today, Leo, and you're eager to take some risks! However, the Moon will enter responsible Earth sign Capricorn this evening, keeping your impulsivity in check.


Unexpected emotions will flare up for you today. The Moon enters fellow Earth sign Capricorn tonight, putting you in a creatively inspired and romantic mood.


Excitement will arrive in your relationships later in the day today, Libra! Watch out for some messages to come your way. You'll be in a private, nostalgic mood when the Moon enters Capricorn this evening.


Excitement takes place today around work or money. The Moon enters Capricorn this evening, activating the communication sector of your chart.


Surprising, flirty vibes will flow your way later today, Sagittarius. Your focus will shift to issues concerning cash and security this evening when the Moon enters materially minded Earth sign Capricorn.


Surprising emotions will be stirred up today. The Moon enters your sign this evening, Capricorn! Make time to nurture yourself.


You will be socializing a lot today; however, don't plan anything too hectic this evening. The Moon enters Capricorn tonight, encouraging you to stay in and catch up on rest.


A surprising opportunity arrives for you today! The Moon enters Capricorn this evening, shifting your focus from work to your social life.


A wild, new adventure presents itself to you today. The Moon enters Capricorn this evening, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your career.


An emotional breakthrough arrives today. The Moon enters fellow Earth sign Capricorn this evening, inspiring you to break out of your routine and explore new possibilities.


The Moon in Sagittarius has you focusing on your relationships, and this evening, when the Moon enters Capricorn, you'll begin to feel even more serious about these issues.


After a long day of work—as well as a few surprises concerning your job or reputation!—your attention will turn to your relationships this evening when the Moon enters Capricorn. What's in the stars for you in August? Read your monthly horoscope here. Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox? Click here to sign up for the newsletter.