This Company is Selling Daft Punk’s Roland TR-909 & It Could Be Yours

Thomas Bangalter’s Roland TR-909 is up for sale.
July 2, 2017, 4:17pm
Foto de Daft Punk por David Black.

A little bit of Daft Punk history is now up for sale.

Vintage & Analogue Occasion has listed the Roland TR-909 of Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter for sale. The business first listed the synth for sale on Tuesday, writing, "Needless to say, it's a collector's item, so it's impossible to set a price."

The TR-909 includes the original presets of "Revolution 909," the fifth single from Daft Punk's 1997 album, Homework. Vintage & Analogue Occasion will reportedly sell the synth to the highest bidder.

View a demo of the synth posted earlier this year below. Last year, THUMP ranked all of Daft Punk's song, ever.