KNOWSO Continue Cleveland's Legacy of Demented and Debauched Punk

Featuring members of Cruelster and Perverts Again, this new band continues on a dark and aggressive trajectory.
July 12, 2017, 3:08am

Cruelster and Perverts Again are two of the relatively more recent bands to have sprung from Cleveland's long history of busted and demented hardcore punk. Both have been able to carve out a loose, nihilist and sarcastic aggression that the Cleveland and the North Eastern Ohio scene has become all too well known for.

So it's little surprise that Knowso, a new band that's seventy-five percent of Cruelster/Perverts Again, plus Jayson from Cloud Nothings, continue the munted take on punk rock. The band's Nathan Ward describes it as "kind of like if Carnage joined the cast of Frasier."


New track "White Science", taken from their forthcoming album Look at the Chart to be released on Neck Chop Records, is full of shouty vocals, hectic guitar and basic gruffness.

Ward, who is also responsible for the bonkers album illustration, says that the song is about animal experimentation and major disease epidemics. "We feel that scientific experiments and major disease epidemics are topics widely ignored or dismissed by the modern day big-button leather-jacket punks of today's music scene."

Although animal rights and Cleveland hardcore is not something you usually read in the same sentence, the track is well worth your time.

"Look At The Chart" will be available later this year on Neck Chop Records.

Image: Justin Nelson