Gemini, July 2017


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Gemini, July 2017

Big conversations will be happening at the end of the month.

The Sun is shining in Water sign Cancer, which finds you focusing on cash, security, and self-worth. Cancer's energy is protective and nurturing—just the vibe you need as you assess your situation, Gemini! Let's look at how this month will work out.

The month opens on an intense note: Warrior planet Mars opposes the planet of death (and rebirth—as you know, Gem, there are two sides to every story, even for the lord of the underworld), Pluto, on July 2. The energy is angry. This is a terrible day to pick a fight, because it will blow up in your face. Money issues are especially sensitive. Unpaid debts—emotional or financial—are triggers.


July 10, when the Sun will oppose Pluto, is another day to watch for—people want what they want and will do anything to get it. Be watchful of manipulators and shady individuals. If someone is trying to sell you something, consider how they benefit from you buying.

You'll likely witness many endings. This is indeed a time to let go of the past; however, the Band-Aid, so to speak, will be pulled off quickly, not slowly or gently. The vibe is not the "mother's touch" we associate with nurturing and careful Water sign Cancer.

So how should you deal with the turbulent, aggressive vibe? Having sex is a fantastic way—Mars is all about passion, and Pluto is kinky. Going to a therapist, or venting to a trusted friend, is also a fantastic idea. You deal with issues best when you are able to vent, and because you'll feel a touch paranoid this month, an outside perspective will help you.

But it won't be all bad, Gemini. Venus enters your sign July 4, and you'll feel charming and attractive! You'll be in an extroverted mood, and you'll feel inspired to put on your favorite outfits and show off. It's in this mood where you're your usual light and flirtatious self, and it feels good—despite the drama of the Sun, Mars, and Pluto oppositions.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, in Cancer, clashes with Uranus, in Aries, on July 4. You're tired of old ways of thinking, and you're especially tired of boring people. A eureka moment is likely, but the energy is also erratic and nervous.


You're itching for freedom, and you see that important changes need to be made. Watch for the social connections you make—and note which relationships you want to break off. If people can't keep up with you, you'll want to free yourself of their drama. Hang out with innovators, not whiners.

Definitely watch for miscommunication. This isn't a great time to make promises or commitments. Keep things low pressure; the mood may be anxious and annoyed.

Mercury enters Fire sign Leo on July 5, boosting your mental clarity and inspiring you to speak up for yourself. This will increase over the month as more planets enter Leo. Mercury, heading to the planet of structure and stability, Saturn, on July 19, will help you connect with others, share your ideas, stay focused, get your writing done, and sort out commitments.

The full moon in Capricorn arrives on July 8 (or 9, if you're on the East Coast). Expect a climax of a sensitive issue—concerning worth, wealth, trust, and feeling taken care of—as a result. Expect also a powerful realization about what's important, Gemini. This is a sensitive time for your intimate relationships and your sex life. There are endings, big emotions being released, and things that need to be said. Be gentle with yourself—you are processing and purging complex, sensitive issues.

Mars enters Leo July 20, followed by the Sun on July 22, officially starting Leo season! The new moon in Leo arrives July 23, bringing new conversations and fresh ideas. If there is someone you have been wanting to reach, Leo season is a great time to do so. You'll find it easy to say what you need to say, and the vibe will be warm and welcoming.

Mercury connects with Uranus on July 24, a time to connect and socialize. The energy is electric, and shit's happening—so, obviously, you will be in your happy place! Mercury rules the mind, and Uranus is the planet of genius, so when these planets connect, the atmosphere is endlessly creative and exciting. You'll make surprising, wonderful introductions. It's a brilliant occasion to network.

Mercury enters Earth sign Virgo on July 25, which will put you in a private mood. You'll focus on home and family. If you have paperwork to finish, or if you're moving, Mercury will help you sort it out. Communication with, or concerning, parents or roommates is likely. Verbalize, or at least reflect on, your boundaries. Reflect on what safety, privacy, and home mean to you.

Venus enters Cancer on July 31, bringing blessings to your bank account and, emotionally, reconnecting you with your sense of self-worth. You're in the mood to go shopping and are enjoying the beautiful things that surround you.

Tap into your senses and enjoy good food, music, or even a massage. Venus loves to indulge, and Cancer is all about self-care—it's basic math, Gemini. Love yourself! August will be intense, so get as much luxuriating in as possible. See you next month!