Hero Woman Set Up a Full iMac Monitor on Her Moving Train

"I have never seen anything like it. The lady had a full wired keyboard and mouse."
July 7, 2017, 5:00pm
Photo via Twitter user @davidhill_co

For many people, especially those in New York right now dealing with various public transportation nightmares, traveling by train can be an excruciating experience. The threat of train derailments, delays, or stumbling upon a gruesome wildlife scene can become even more unbearable when you're also lugging around 35 pounds of luggage.

But not for one heroic woman in the UK who upgraded her train experience by setting up her very own home office in a moving car, an act that caught the attention of a few fellow (possibly jealous) passengers. On Tuesday, Austin, Texas, native David Hill snapped a picture of the ambitious mystery woman on his Virgin London-bound train, who, rather than pull out a laptop, set up a full desktop iMac, complete with mouse and keyboard.

"I had to look twice, I was shocked to see such a large computer on the small table," Hill told the Telegraph. "I work for a software company, and been traveling on the trains for about 15 years, I have never seen anything like it. The lady had a full wired keyboard and mouse."

It's not clear why the woman, who also appears to be talking on an iPhone, would need to lug a giant computer monitor onto a train. Maybe she's wary of the various health problems laptops have been linked to—like male infertility or neck pain. Maybe she was on deadline and had some high-tech video editing or design work to finish that just simply could not be done on a smaller screen. Maybe she forgot a book. Or maybe our unnamed desktop heroine just isn't that into change. The world may never know.

"I am still puzzled why someone would carry a desktop computer around, when a laptop would give her the same options, with more portability," Hill said. In any case, he added, "It's a very funny photo."

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