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Monthly Horoscope: Cancer, February 2019

Welcome to Aquarius season, dear Cancer!
January 31, 2019, 4:07pm

Aquarius is known for being cool and aloof, but there’s nothing chill about Aquarius season for you, Cancer! Issues concerning sex and intimacy are coming to the fore—how deep can you really go with your partners? Complicated financial matters like taxes, debts, and inheritances are also up for you to contend with. On a more emotional level, you’re working through grief and fear—a potent time for big shifts, but as you know, Cancer, change is hard. But does it have to be? Aquarius is an innovative sign, ruled by serious Saturn and electric Uranus, the planet of sudden and brilliant upgrades. Perhaps it’s the waiting and imagining what’s next that makes things difficult, not the arrival of something new. You’re ready for an upgrade, aren’t you?


Serious tension arrives in your relationships on February 1 as Mars squares off with Pluto. Both Mars and Pluto are related to war: Aggressive Mars is all about sword fighting, while Pluto, a “new planet,” symbolizes more modern acts of warfare—when they square off, something is coming to an end or being cut off, tempers are short, and action is swift. You may be dumping someone, or this may not manifest in your romantic relationships, but a professional relationship. Action may be taken in a situation concerning an enemy! Yes, pop astrology would illustrate you, Cancer, in the kitchen cooking for your loved ones all day, but you have enemies, too! You’re typically very cautious, but February 1 will find you ready for action—just make sure it is wise, and as always with Pluto, get an unbiased third party to mediate.

The mood shifts when Venus connects with Uranus on February 2, inspiring you to take a risk, and bringing some much needed updates and changes to your daily schedule and work. Messages come your way and plans are made when chatty Mercury connects with Jupiter on February 3. Venus drops some blessings in the relationship sector of your chart as it enters Capricorn, your opposite sign, on February 3. This is a wonderful time to connect and meet new people! Venus in Capricorn will lend some kindness and maturity to your partnerships, too. Circle February 4 in your calendar: The new moon in Aquarius is the beginning of a huge transformation for you. You might feel in the dark about what’s coming next, but the darkness is where the magic often happens, isn’t it?


February 7 finds the sun connecting with Jupiter, and Mercury with Mars, helping you smooth out an awkward situation and moving conversations along. February 9 brings unexpected news, especially concerning shared resources, as Mercury connects with Uranus. Something to keep in mind during this time of the month is that as social media becomes more omnipresent, things that used to be very private are more public. Influencers often say that their most vulnerable posts get the most engagement—where is your line between private and personal? What do you think is important to share with the world? These are important things to consider as Mars and Uranus activate the sector of your chart that rules the public eye and your reputation, as the sun and Mercury move through one of the most emotionally turbulent sectors of your chart. (Watch for what may come concerning these themes on February 18, when the sun connects with Uranus!)

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On February 10, communication planet Mercury enters fellow water sign Pisces, encouraging you to travel or take on a new study. News from faraway places arrives. Mars also changes signs, entering Taurus on February 14, finding you more eager to socialize—you’re stepping away from the office (where Mars in Aries had you working hard to achieve your career goals) and into the spaces where you can share your ideas and meet new people. On February 17, when Venus connects with Neptune, allowing for whimsical ties with others, some inspiring ideas will be shared.

Venus and Saturn meet on February 18, just before the start of Pisces season, finding a new commitment blossoming—this is great for your relationships! It’s not the most affectionate vibe—Saturn doesn’t do cuddles—but it’s a wonderful time to discuss values, boundaries, and your plans for the future. February 19 brings a full moon (which also happens to be a super moon) in Virgo, bringing a big climax to a conversation that’s been brewing. Imaginative Pisces looks at the big picture, but this moon in Virgo is focused on the details—you’ll be seeing things in a new light and getting more information! Also during this full moon, Mercury will meet Neptune to encourage empathetic communication, and then connect with Saturn to create a supportive energy.

Don’t overbook yourself and keep a close eye on your calendar on February 22, when Mercury squares off with Jupiter, and Venus meets Pluto, promising plenty of intrigue, excitement, and even kink in your relationships. This is a powerfully intense opportunity to connect with your partners! Secrets are shared on February 23, when Mercury connects with Pluto, and the month wraps up with the sun connecting with Mars on February 27, delivering a boost in energy and helping people come together to move projects forward. Good luck this month, Cancer, and see you in March!