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Photos from the Halloween Dog Parade, a Stunning Parade of Dogs

At the annual Tompkins Square Dog Parade in Manhattan, thousands gathered to watch a procession of puppies dressed as Pikachus, Star Wars pilots, and Donald Trump.

Puppies abounded at the annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in Manhattan's East Village on Saturday. Dogs from across the city were there, dressed in their canine best as little astronauts, mini Donald Trumps, and a whole lot of other ridiculous, well-fitted, creative outfits.

Dogs of every variety and level of fluff were lead on leash by their beaming—and often costumed—owners around a growing crowd of what looked like a couple thousand people dying a little inside from the cute overload. We sent photographer Darragh Dandurand to the event to document all the well-relished hotdogs, Star Wars X-wing pilots, and fuzzy Pikachus.