A Dude Made Music Out of Fidget Spinners Because This Is What We've Come To

All we have to do now is make a song from avocado salads to reach peak 2017.
May 29, 2017, 4:23pm

Maybe this is evidence that I've finally reached washed status, but I still have no earthly clue why the fidget spinner wave is a going concern. It's beyond me as to how adults are relieving their stress with tops for children. Stress balls never went out of style. Where was this media attention when Beyblades were a material fad? (Beyblades are still a fad in our hearts) Do fidget spinners have their own blatantly corporate but sick-as-hell animated series? With multiple seasons, too? Nah, get the fuck out of here.


Still, fidget spinners are a thing now, so there must be social-media-savvy folks taking advantage of their prevalence. Andrew Huang, a Torontonian musician and production nerd, has popped a wheelie on the zeitgeist and created what may be the world's first fidget-spinner-only musical work. You will uncover aspects of sound you never knew existed. Did you know that these plastic toys can create bass frequencies with the right EQ curve? Now you do, thanks to Huang's frankly astonishing DAW wizardry. He also refers to the resulting clicks and whirrs as a minimal techno song, which shows a deep understanding of electronic subgenres and is also an incredible, unintentional diss to the scene. You can watch the video above.

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