Aquarius, June 2018
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Aquarius, June 2018

Mars begins its retrograde in your sign this month, Aquarius. What does that mean for you?
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli

Welcome to Gemini season, Aquarius! The Sun is shining down on the most playful, flirtatious sector of your chart, and you’ll be in the mood to celebrate and create at the start of this month. Romance will be in the air—and some very exciting messages will come your way on June 1, when Mercury connects with action planet Mars. Good vibes will flow at work, too: Venus connects with lucky Jupiter on June 1 and with Neptune on June 2, boosting your creativity. Everyone will be excited about the work you’re doing, and some reward or boost in popularity will arrive.


But the following week won’t be nearly as easy as the first weekend: Sweet Venus will oppose the planet of the underworld, Pluto, on June 5—brutal! Watch out for jealousy, manipulation, and obsession. This won’t be the time for blind trust. Don’t let anyone meddle with your process, schedule, habits, or routine. Watch out for bullies, but also watch out for negative self-talk. Don’t bully yourself! Communication will be rough this week due to Mercury clashing with hazy Neptune on June 6, plus the Sun doing the same on June 7. Neptune rules fantasies, but it also rules delusions, so it’s so crucial that you don’t plan for any serious conversations or important problem-solving at this time. No one will know what the fuck they’re talking about.

Communication planet Mercury will enter water sign Cancer on June 12, helping you get organized and make plans—you’ll be in a busy mood, but it’s not like you won’t having fun. In fact, you’ll find yourself totally recommitting to embracing the best parts of life during the new moon in Gemini on June 13, which will activate the sector of your chart that rules creativity, celebration, and romance. New moons can be a time of uneasiness; new doors will open, but what will be on the other side? If you listen to your inner voice and rely on yourself instead of looking for other people to solve your problems or lead the way, you’ll do just fine.

On the same day as this new moon, sweet and sexy Venus will enter Leo, the sign opposite from you on the zodiac wheel, bringing blessings to the relationship sector of your chart. Cute! This isn’t only great for romance: If you’ve been arguing with anyone, Venus will help smooth things over. If you’re working out any contracts, you can expect people will be generous and open to compromise.


Mercury makes an easy connection with your ruling planet Uranus on the 13th, too, which will be a fab time for organizing things in your home and communicating about changes that need to be made in your living space or concerning your boundaries; you might surprise someone with what you have to say! Unexpected news is likely to come your way, too, as well as some brilliant a-ha moments and perhaps sudden flash of insight on how to troubleshoot a problem.

Mars will begin its retrograde in your sign on June 26, finding you less energetic than usual—it’s time to stop battling so hard.

The mood will electric; however, expect a party-pooping energy to arrive when Mercury opposes Saturn on June 15. Everyone will be in a shitty mood. This is not the day to plan an important meeting or a cute date—rejection will be in the air. The glass will seem half empty… not with water, but with regret and misery. Use this energy productively by spending time focused on work, which is just about the only thing Saturn really loves to do.

Neptune begins its retrograde in Pisces on June 18. This will be a good time to examine your fantasies about money, and to get real about issues concerning self-worth. Neptune is a tricky planet—it’s hazy, blurry, and dreamy… things we don’t really want our bank account to be! Check in with yourself around your delusions concerning cash, as well as self-esteem.

Easier energy will flow around communication on June 19, when Mercury connects with Jupiter, and on June 20, when Mercury connect with Neptune. Will people be full of shit? Yes, exaggerations will abound! But everyone will be in a generous mood, and we’ll all feel open to making things work. It’ll be a big departure from the crappy attitude that stunk up the place when Mercury opposed Saturn, and from the confused, helpless, nonsensical vibe of Mercury and Sun squaring off with Neptune.


The energy will continue to shift once the Sun enters Cancer on June 21—the summer solstice!—encouraging you to get to work tackling the items on your to-do, to get healthy, and to break bad habits. Cancer is a nurturing energy, and you’ll feel ready to for some self-care—which doesn’t mean being lazy or indulgent, but rather principled and proactive about boundaries. It’s not all work and no play: Venus will oppose Mars on June 21, creating a passionate, flirtatious energy in your relationships—plus some competitiveness, too!

Another genius day for you this month will be June 23, when the Sun connects with Uranus. Uranus is all about change and innovation—embrace it! A day later, Venus clashes with Uranus, bringing shake-ups to your relationships. Any partnerships, romantic or not, that haven’t been built on firm ground—with shared values, mutual respect, and an openness to compromise—will be shaken up. However, these two planets may just bring the dash of excitement you need to bring back sparks (or to create sparks, if this is a new partnership).

Mars will begin its retrograde in your sign on June 26, finding you less energetic than usual—it’s time to stop battling so hard. Retreat. Get some rest. Give yourself time to come up with a new strategy. This energy will last all summer, and by the end, you’ll find yourself working out how you’ve been sabotaging yourself and shooting yourself in your own foot… which is never where warrior planet Mars means to aim!

The Sun will oppose Saturn on June 27. This will be a gloomy day, especially at work; you might find it difficult to get good rest, too. There will be an emotional full moon in Capricorn the following day. Emotions you’ve repressed will come bubbling to the surface. Spiritually speaking, this will be a fantastic time to do dream work or to read up on psychic development. You’ve been working super hard, but this will definitely be a good time to take a break. If you’ve been trying to break a habit and slip now, be forgiving of yourself—this will be a rough time! Try again… and if you can move through this full moon with out slip-ups, it’ll certainly be a time to celebrate because you’ve come a far way!

Communication planet Mercury will enter Leo on June 29, lighting up the relationship sector of your chart and finding you busy meeting people. Expect lots of communication—and paperwork, possibly even contracts—to come your way. This will be a great time to discuss details with your partner, although on June 30, when Mercury squares off with Uranus, you might notice a nervous energy in the air, so many save a high-pressure conversation for later! With that said, some brilliant ideas will be born at the end of this month!

Good luck, Aquarius, and see you in July!