Samsung Is Making a $16K Vertical TV for Instagram Posts

Samsung's new vertical TV, the Sero, is designed with mobile content in mind.
April 29, 2019, 2:29pm

Vertical video is a fact of life on Instagram and TikTok, where young influencers hold their phones upright to craft the content we crave. But despite this vertical preference, you may have noticed—as someone a Samsung apparently did—that most televisions are in landscape orientation. Clearly, something had to be done.

Now, the television and folding phone manufacturer is introducing a new TV for the influencer generation—the Sero.

The Sero is a QLED high definition television that can flip 90 degrees to recapture the viewing environment of many online videos, Instagram accounts, and TikTok videos. The Seo is 43 inches, and once its flipped it pairs with your phone. Those Instagram photos will glow like never before. The TV will only available in Korea, at a price of more than $16,000 USD.

Vertical television may seem like a strange idea, but vertical monitors are common among computer programmers who use the elongated screens to keep track of lines of computer code. Samsung’s Sero is part of its Frame and Serif line—televisions designed to blend in with furniture. They’re sleek, expensive, and Game of Thrones will probably still look a little too dark on them.

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