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Watch a Man Drop a £30,000 Bottle of Champagne in a Nightclub

This might be the most painful thing you see all day.
waste of money
Photo courtesy Ibiza Club News/Facebook

Three thousand pounds more than the average UK wage. The rent for my London flat for three and a half years. Or, if it’s more your jam, 11,152 Happy Meals. This is what £30,000 can get you.

Unless, of course, you’re an absolute Mad Dog who must prove his masculinity by symbolically ejaculating Champagne all over a nightclub with a £30,000 bottle of the stuff. Unless, for you to feel complete and satisfied with your life, you must cradle something that costs the same as a small deposit in your arms as onlookers cheer, oblivious to your cry for help. Unless you have such little regard for the value of money that you don’t fucking sit down when trying to open a heavy Champagne bottle that costs more than my yearly wage.


According to industry website The Drinks Business, all of the above sadly apply to one Spanish clubber, who smashed a bottle of Champagne estimated to cost £30,000 in front of a crowd of people. A Facebook Page called Ibiza Club News originally posted the video, which depicts the man attempting to uncork the bottle, before frantically grappling at it as it slips out of his hands and smashes on the floor.

Although the brand of Champagne is hard to identify from the video footage, it has been reported that it would have been sold at the bar for tens of thousands of pounds.

This might sound steep, but it’s far from being the most expensive bar tab racked up over the course of one evening. That accolade goes to a 23-year-old chap in Liverpool, who spent over £200,000 in one night at a club in the city, including a the purchase of a 30-litre bottle of Armand de Brignac Champagne, costing £125,000.

Ah, the fragility of men.