YouTube Says It Has No Plans to Ban Alex Jones

Just don't take Alex Jones at his word.

Late Saturday, the host of the popular conspiracy theory show Infowars Alex Jones tweeted that his YouTube will be deleted tomorrow:

According to YouTube, that is not the case. The company told us in an email it currently has no plans to terminate the channel.

Jones claimed that YouTube would delete his channel, which currently has "33 thousand" videos and more than 1.5 billion views. That's not how the account termination process works. YouTube applies strikes, which the channel owner can then appeal. If a channel gets three strikes within a three-month period, the channel is terminated. You can read more about how this process works here.


According to YouTube, while the company currently has no plans to delete Jones' channel, the company did recently notify him that advertisers have reached out asking that they be removed from running ads on his channel.

Earlier this week, Jones claimed that his channel received a strike for spreading a conspiracy theory about the Parkland shooting.

Earlier today, in a "backup" channel called Infowars Censored, Jones posted one of his signature incoherent rants, in which he said that the forces that be (the Southern Poverty Law Center, globalists, George Soros, etc.) are conspiring to kill his good name before they possibly assassinate him. Jones told his audience that necessity is the mother of invention, and that he had plenty of recourse should YouTube ban him, including legal action, uploading videos to his own website, and his popular radio show.

In the video, Jones also asks his son to stop making food in the kitchen because he's in the middle of recording one of his "transmissions," and holds up his cat to the camera. He also does a decent impersonation of Bane from the The Dark Knight Rises.

Update: This story has been updated with additional information from YouTube.