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Escape the Summer Heat with Tyrannosorceress's Ice-Cold Black Metal

Stream the Dallas black metal upstarts' promising, frosty debut album, 'Shattering Light's Creation,' out June 23 via Tofu Carnage.

Don't be fooled by their name: Tyrannosorceress take their craft deadly seriously. The young Dallas outfit may be saddled with a faintly ridiculous moniker, but that only gives them more time to catch hold of a prospective listener and coax them into a false sense of security before dropping the hammer. A promising 2011 demo served as their introduction to the world outside Texas, and now that they're gearing up to release their first proper full-length, Shattering Light's Creation, I'd wager that we're going to be hearing their name quite a lot over the coming years.


Their take on black metal is aggressive, smart, supremely melodic, and often downright frosty, their winding compositions epic and imposing without relying on manufactured bombast or over-the-top theatrics. The band's clearly been doing their homework, with a heavy focus on the mid-90s and a sworn allegiance to finger tapping, blastbeats, and nearly unceasing tremolo ringing out amidst a cleaner-than-expected production job. Most importantly, it's damn good.

Tyrannosorceress will release Shattering Light's Creation, on June 23 via Tofu Carnage Records; preorder it here, and listen to the whole thing right here, right now.

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Photo by Kathleen Kennedy.