Creature Is Hoping Their Star Skater Won't Lose His Shit on 'KING OF THE ROAD'

The legacy team is taking on enjoi and Deathwish in the annual cross-country competition.
June 6, 2017, 5:45pm

One of the most sacred events in skateboarding, the annual KING OF THE ROAD contest, is returning to VICELAND this Thursday. A cross-country road trip in which three top-tier skate teams compete in challenges on and off their boards, this year's combatants are Deathwish, enjoi, and Creature. The winner gets $50,000, the cover of Thrasher magazine, and maybe a couple broken bones and the chance to drink a friend's pee. On the first episode (embedded above), we meet the teams' pros, ams, and flow riders as they gear up in Albuquerque for the 13-day juggernaut.


Creature is a legacy team with pretty serious KING OF THE ROAD experience, and they're hoping seasoned pro David Gravette, with his well-earned reputation for tackling some of the gnarliest rails in skateboarding, will help them take home a trophy. The only worry for Creature is David's tendency to, as they say, freak the fuck out when he's having trouble landing something. Luckily, he's got Willis Kimbel, Sean Conover, Kevin Baekkel, and Chris Russell to help him keep his cool.

Check out online-only profiles of the boys from Creature below, and make sure to tune in when KING OF THE ROAD hits VICELAND on June 8.

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