Alex Jones is fighting Big Tech’s conspiracy to limit far right voices by appearing on Spotify

The Alex Jones Show appears to have become available on Spotify Monday, and subscribers aren't pleased.

Alex Jones believes there’s a global conspiracy among Big Tech companies to censor him and all other far-right media outlets. So he is fighting back by hosting his podcast on Spotify, of all places.

Jones’ podcast, The Alex Jones Show, appears to have become available on the streaming service Monday. And subscribers immediately noticed. Many said they’d end their relationship with Spotify if the company didn’t remove Jones’ podcast, known for peddling conspiracy theories like: the government controlling the weather, Hillary Clinton running a child trafficking ring from a DC pizza joint, and that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax.


Spotify did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Just last week, Facebook banned Jones for 30 days after he repeatedly broke the company’s rules by violating community standards. The social network also took down four of his videos from their site, mimicking a move by YouTube the previous week.

On his show Friday, Jones called the issue of censorship among tech companies and media outlets “attacks on free speech,” and in a tweet Monday, said his show Infowars “has been chosen as the test subject for total Internet censorship.”

“Big tech giants are currently censoring us harder than ever,” he added. “Help us fight this censorship by spreading the links below for our downloadable podcasts.”

While the podcast is new to Spotify, it’s has been available on many other platforms — including Apple’s iTunes — for many years. But that didn’t stop many Spotify users from threatening to cancel their subscriptions unless the company reverses its decision to host Jones.

One user claimed to have already canceled and listed Jones’ podcast as the reason.

Others suggested simply ignoring him.

A petition to get Jones kicked off the platform has already started circulating online. “His hate-filled and inaccurate 'reporting' should not be given a platform anywhere, especially not on Spotify,” the petition reads.

One Twitter user posted a screenshot of a chat she had with a Spotify representative who said if at least 100 people support the petition, they will review the situation.

Jones, however, is clearly proud of his most recent accomplishment.

Cover image: Alex Jones from speaks during a rally in support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump near the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S., July 18, 2016. (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/File Photo)