30 Years Ago Fugazi Played Their First Show as a Three Piece

Listen to the Washington DC punk legends performing “Waiting Room” at the Wilson Centre in 1987.
September 4, 2017, 3:41am
Image: Dischord

On September 3, 1987, Fugazi opened for Marginal Man, Ignition and Fire Party at The Wilson Centre in Washington, DC. The show was a benefit for State of the Union a compilation of DC punk bands associated with renowned local label Dischord.

Besides being one of the only times that the DC punk legends opened a show, it was also notable as one of the few times that Fugazi played as a three piece as Guy Picciotto of Rites of Spring was not yet an offical member of the band. This was soon to change as is shown on the flyer that features the three band members being waited on by Picciotto.

Like most Fugazi shows, a recording of the performance is available through Dischord as well as a free version of "Waiting Room", a song that's become synonymous with the band and the inclusive nature of the DC scene of the time. You can listen to the track here.

Other highlights include the unreleased "Turn Off Your Guns" as well as "Joe #1" and "Song #1 that were both released on the 1990 3 Songs 7".

A live recording of the show is available from Dischord.