How the Alt-Right Trolled Triple J to Advance Their Agenda

"He let two fascists pretending to be Jews take up a chunk of his program."
August 17, 2017, 4:55am
Tom Tilley

Online hate speech watch-groups have told VICE they suspect a member of the alt-right trolled Triple J's Hack last Monday, during the show's segment with known antisemite and neo-Nazi Eli Mosley. Mosley was invited onto Hack to discuss the Charlottesville protests. Screenshots from a 4Chan thread, first posted by Australian group Jews Against Fascism to their Facebook page, show members of the alt-right encouraging each other to call and message Hack. They are overjoyed when two men claiming to be Jewish phone in and go live on air, referring to him as "/OURGUY/". The comments appear to have been written as the live show aired:

The first caller, introducing himself as "Hershel from Brisbane," voiced his opinion on multiculturalism, saying it would be the end of white people. "What these white people need to understand is what is going to happen with multiculturalism," he said. "Eventually, [white people] are going to dwindle."' "You can't forget the six million," he added later. "The six million" is a mocking refrain used by the alt-right to attempt to deny and diminish the Holocaust. 'Daniel', another caller claiming to be Jewish, had a similar message: "As whites, we don't have a 'white culture," he told Tilley. "We've got Jewish culture, Australian, American. Every country has their own, but what do whites have that is so unique to white people?"

Screenshot via 4Chan

When the segment ended, 4Chan commenters reiterated they were involved "behind the scenes", and offered their congratulations to the two callers. "It seems to us these fascists were well organised and took heavy advantage of Tom Tilley and Hack, but the problem was they completely walked into it," a spokesperson for Jews Against Fascism told VICE. "By inviting a well known Nazi, Hack legitimated their speaking position. "Tilley not only invited a Nazi on his show, then let two fascists pretending to be Jews take up a chunk of his program, he completely bought into their narrative and became celebrated by alt right circles."

A few hours after the segment, a contributor to the far right site XYZ, writing under the name Moses Apostaticus, published a story titled: Triple J Rejects Multiculturalism, Embraces Alt-Right. Apostaticus, who runs the site RestoringAustralia.net, has a significant online presence.

VICE contacted the ABC and was told the program had suspected Hershel was a troll, and announced that on air the day after the interview.