A Pack of Circus Animals Were Rescued From a Burning Truck in Indiana

Dramatic body cam video shows the animals being rescued after a truck caught fire on Interstate 69.
Credit: Grant County Sheriff's Office via Facebook
Credit: Grant County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

A semi-trailer truck carrying five zebras, four camels, and a miniature horse were rescued by Indiana state troopers after the vehicle caught fire on Interstate 69 early Sunday morning.

Dramatic body cam video from the Grant County Sheriff’s Office shows troopers hauling animals out one by one from a truck engulfed in flames. A few animals were too timid to leave the truck amid the chaos, forcing rescuers to climb into the vehicle to drag them out. 


All of them were rescued and are in good health.

“Grateful to report that all animals involved have been rescued safely. No harm to our furry friends,” the sheriff’s office shared on their Facebook page in a series of posts dedicated to the animal rescue. The sheriff’s office also confirms that the truck driver is uninjured. 

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The animals are from the traveling Shrine Circus that tours across 120 American cities each year. 

For years, PETA and other animal advocacy groups have criticized Shrine Circus for their use of animals in performances, calling it exploitative. 

Since August 2020, several Shrine Circus chapters have stopped using elephants in their shows after the public outcry.