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Scottish Brewery Protests Trump with 'Make Earth Great Again' Beer

It's BrewDog's latest in a line of beers with a political slant.
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Scottish craft brewer BrewDog has maintained a playfully adversarial relationship with President Trump since he assumed office. In August, the company revealed plans to build "The Bar on the Edge," a craft beer bar along the very United States and Mexico border where Trump has threatened to build a wall.

This week, BrewDog went one step further in declaring its resistance to Trump: On Wednesday, the brewery unveiled a beer it's dubbed "Make Earth Great Again," a direct response to Trump's stated withdrawal from the Paris Accord and seeming disregard for climate change. The announcement was accompanied by an utterly loony teaser video wherein beer emerges from a spout attached to a life-size replica polar bear's mouth.


The beer itself is a 7.5% ABV saison, brewed specifically with "water from melted Polar ice caps and cloudberries from the threatened Arctic"—that is, ingredients from the very places that have seen the most deleterious effects of climate change. The beer boasts quite a flavor profile, a medley of "spicy and bright citrus notes of spiced orange, nutmeg, clove, and caramelized banana." In a symbolic nod to our ever-warming climate, the beer has been fermented at 95 degrees—a much higher temperature than most of the company's other beers.

"The response has been overwhelmingly positive [so far]," Tanisha Robinson, the CEO of BrewDog USA, wrote MUNCHIES on Friday morning. "People are pleased that this issue is being brought to the forefront in such an impactful way. We intended to spark a conversation and MEGA is doing just that."

BrewDog has something of a history of making beers with a political slant—or, more precisely, ones marketed with the intention of "raising awareness." There was 2014's Hello My Name is Vladimir, a rebuttal to Russia's laws against "homosexual propaganda," along with 2015's No Label, "the world's first transgender beer" brewed with hops that "had undergone a sex change" from female to male flowers before harvest.

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Make Earth Great Again is BrewDog's first protest beer to launch since the company opened DogTap, a brewery in Canal Winchester, Ohio—its first and only in the States—earlier this year, though. As such, DogTap is the only place where you can drink Make Earth Great Again if you're in the States. Sales are otherwise confined to the United Kingdom, where the beer is available for purchase online and BrewDog's bars within the country.

The company has reportedly sent a case of the beer to the White House to goad the President into responding. Wonder what he'll say.