Offset and Cardi B Got Engaged on Stage Last Night

The Migo got down on one knee at the Power 99 Powerhouse in Philadelphia last night and, yeah, there are videos.
October 28, 2017, 9:48am
Photo via Cardi B on Instagram

On Migos' "Motor Sport," released yesterday, Cardi B rapped about her man, Offset. You couldn't recite the verse in a church, but it was damned romantic in its way. Let's revisit it:

Ride the dick like a BMX
No nigga wanna be my ex
I love when he go on tour
'Cause he cums more when I see him less
I get upset off
I turn Offset on
I told him the other day
Man, we should sell that porn

If that didn't convince you, a cynic, that Offset and Cardi B were in some sort of era-defining relationship, this will: the two are now engaged. Offset proposed onstage in Philadelphia last night. The moment, as you might imagine, was captured on video.


And if you're wondering what a dude who buys himself a $100,000 raindrop chain will purchase for his beloved, allow Cardi B herself to show it off.

Finally, this photograph is iconic:

This has been your weekly dose of romance at Noisey. Thank you.

Alex Robert Ross approves of happiness on Twitter.