People Told Us Why They Ghosted Their Friends in Six Words
Illustrations by Brandon Celi.


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People Told Us Why They Ghosted Their Friends in Six Words

"Not one more bad poetry reading."

Not every friendship is destined to last a lifetime. They end. Sometimes abruptly. Badly. Inevitably. That in mind, we asked friends and co-workers about why they pulled the plug on a close friendship. Here’s what they said.

“She told cops she'd kill me.” - Taylor, 32

“Not one more bad poetry reading.” - Oliver, 34

“Had a baby; she became bitchy.” - Jenna, 32

“Called me a 'left-wing whore.'" - Katie, 33


“Total dick when my dad died.” - Erin, 39

“Thought I was her dumping ground.” - Arielle, 26

“She said I stole her jokes.” - Kelly, 26

"Dick pic'd the girl I liked." - James, 23

"Flirted over Snapchat with my boyfriend." - Tonya, 22

"He was a drunk. Couldn't abide." - Logan, 25

“Didn't pick me up from surgery.” - Carissa, 34

“She married a possessive, mean man.” - Katie, 38

“I had a baby. Nobody came over.” - Juana, 31

“Cocaine turned them into Mr. Hyde.” - Mary, 32

“Tried working together. Didn't end well.” - Nicola, 33

“Hadn't seen her sober in years.” - Meaghan, 31

“Blamed me for my sexual assault.” - Alaina, 24

“Drunk-tossed lit matches at me.” - Jennifer, 45

“Halloween: White girl goes full geisha.” - Hannah, 34

“Threatened suicide to test my loyalty.” - Maggie, 35

“Die hard Trump supporter on Facebook.” - Paul, 40

“She stole my mom’s expensive jewelry.” - Irina, 30

“Everything about her eventually drained me.” - Candace, 31

“I am not her emotional tampon.” - Marianne, 29

“Sociopath who couldn't ever stop lying.” - Sarah, 45

“She went rollerblading with my boyfriend.” - Donna, 39

“I came out. She didn't approve.” - Emily, 27

“She couldn’t stand my wife’s presence.” - Brittany, 26

“I was done feeling like shit.” - Tracee, 38

“Debbie downer when I'm trying happiness.” - Sage, 24

“She saw me as a project.” - Jessica, 41

“Couldn't keep up with her cash flow.” - Frankie, 36

"Called me 'Poor' after her promotion." - Lindsey, 24


“Dated an ex-boyfriend I still loved.” - Jen, 35

“Wasn't there for me when ill.” - Sarah, 40

“She decided to join a cult.” - Awuor, 25

“Asked me to hide her cheating.” - Erin, 38

“She got naked with my guy.” - Chrissy, 34

“She wanted enablers, not real friends.” - Katie, 35

“Adults dating teens is just unforgivable.” - Cassie, 28

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