People Told Us Why They Ghosted Their Friends in Six Words
Illustrations by Brandon Celi.

People Told Us Why They Ghosted Their Friends in Six Words

"Not one more bad poetry reading."
November 29, 2017, 5:00pm

Not every friendship is destined to last a lifetime. They end. Sometimes abruptly. Badly. Inevitably. That in mind, we asked friends and co-workers about why they pulled the plug on a close friendship. Here’s what they said.

“She told cops she'd kill me.” - Taylor, 32

“Not one more bad poetry reading.” - Oliver, 34

“Had a baby; she became bitchy.” - Jenna, 32

“Called me a 'left-wing whore.'" - Katie, 33


“Total dick when my dad died.” - Erin, 39

“Thought I was her dumping ground.” - Arielle, 26

“She said I stole her jokes.” - Kelly, 26

"Dick pic'd the girl I liked." - James, 23

"Flirted over Snapchat with my boyfriend." - Tonya, 22

"He was a drunk. Couldn't abide." - Logan, 25

“Didn't pick me up from surgery.” - Carissa, 34

“She married a possessive, mean man.” - Katie, 38

“I had a baby. Nobody came over.” - Juana, 31

“Cocaine turned them into Mr. Hyde.” - Mary, 32

“Tried working together. Didn't end well.” - Nicola, 33

“Hadn't seen her sober in years.” - Meaghan, 31

“Blamed me for my sexual assault.” - Alaina, 24

“Drunk-tossed lit matches at me.” - Jennifer, 45

“Halloween: White girl goes full geisha.” - Hannah, 34

“Threatened suicide to test my loyalty.” - Maggie, 35

“Die hard Trump supporter on Facebook.” - Paul, 40

“She stole my mom’s expensive jewelry.” - Irina, 30

“Everything about her eventually drained me.” - Candace, 31

“I am not her emotional tampon.” - Marianne, 29

“Sociopath who couldn't ever stop lying.” - Sarah, 45

“She went rollerblading with my boyfriend.” - Donna, 39

“I came out. She didn't approve.” - Emily, 27

“She couldn’t stand my wife’s presence.” - Brittany, 26

“I was done feeling like shit.” - Tracee, 38

“Debbie downer when I'm trying happiness.” - Sage, 24

“She saw me as a project.” - Jessica, 41

“Couldn't keep up with her cash flow.” - Frankie, 36

"Called me 'Poor' after her promotion." - Lindsey, 24


“Dated an ex-boyfriend I still loved.” - Jen, 35

“Wasn't there for me when ill.” - Sarah, 40

“She decided to join a cult.” - Awuor, 25

“Asked me to hide her cheating.” - Erin, 38

“She got naked with my guy.” - Chrissy, 34

“She wanted enablers, not real friends.” - Katie, 35

“Adults dating teens is just unforgivable.” - Cassie, 28

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