Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, and Future's "King's Dead" Video Is a Big Meme

The 'Black Panther' cut gets a new video that is far less serious than the typical Top Dawg or Kendrick Lamar fare.

Is "King's Dead" the strangest rap single of the year already? Thanks to Future's instantly-memed, Three 6 Mafia-referencing verse, it might be, not to mention the 180 it pulls at the end with the beat switch. Perhaps knowing this, the new video is a fucking riot, featuring weird Arrested Development-esque zoom-out shots of Jay Rock, Kendrick, and Future rapping on office buildings and palm trees, with the performers also causing mayhem inside the offices as well. The whole thing ends with an older dude dancing to classic Miami bass, so this is automatically the most irreverent visual from the otherwise reverent Black Panther soundtrack. Watch the "King's Dead" video above.


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