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Here's a Warm, Nostalgic Taste of New Music from 'Stranger Things' Season 2

Listen to "Walkin' in Hawkins" and get hype for the second season's full soundtrack, out on October 20.

Stranger Things, Netflix's Spielbergian sci-fi sensation that might be at least partially responsible for the recent revival of movies and shows about aliens and space and robots, is returning for its second season on October 27. We will all cry and scream and speculate wildly, but overall be pleased, hopefully. As something of an early treat, the upcoming season's accompanying soundtrack will be out one week earlier and composers Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein have given our eager ears a taste of their new work with a piece called "Walkin' in Hawkins."


You'll be delighted to know that the two have not strayed from the nostalgic synthwave-y sound that made the previous season's music so special, as this track is a very pretty waltz driven by those signature arpeggiators. The tracklist for the soundtrack album has also been shared via Pitchfork, and while you can glean whatever info you can from the titles ("Descent into the Rift" and "It's a Trap" are both ominous), the fact that it ends with a song called "To Be Continued" says all you need. This show will not be done with us for a while, it seems. Listen to "Walkin' in Hawkins" below.