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Michael Jordan Joins Derek Jeter's Bid for Miami Marlins

The group is said to be close to finalizing (finally) a $1.2 billion deal to purchase the team.

The seemingly never ending saga of the sale of the Miami Marlins took yet another strange turn last night. According to the New York Post, Michael Jordan has joined Derek Jeter's group, which finally appears to be zeroing in on a winning bid for Jeffrey Loria's club. The Marlins owner had previously been looking for $1.3 billion, but Jeter's group has always been the high bidder at $1.2. It appears Loria is now willing to lower his asking price.


It's been a rocky path for Jeets and Co.; way back in April, the Miami Herald reported that the team had been sold to a group that included Jeter and failed presidential candidate Jeb Bush. Obviously that did not quite pan out, and eventually Jeb left the group altogether due to a power struggle with the former Yankees shortstop. The group was also apparently having trouble financing the bid in accordance with Major League Baseball's requirement that at least 60 percent of the final offer be in cash.

Over the weekend, Jeter reportedly secured that money from Wall Street investors and appears to be Loria's favorite bidder. And now the cherry on top is Jordan, Jeets's brand mentor and a guy he considers a "role model in how to become a successful sports executive." According to the reports, Jordan is not putting up a whole lot of money, so this might be a symbolic thing more than anything else. Which is all well and good, we just want to see Jeets and Jordan settle down in Miami for Complimentary Gift Bag Night at Marlins Park, or Michael Jordan Will Personally Punch You in the Face if You Were Ever Content Losing Even Once in Your Life Night.