Cancer, July 2017


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Cancer, July 2017

Happy solar return, Cancer!

The summer solstice arrived last month, marking the beginning of your season, crab. What does it mean now that the Sun is in your sign? This is your time to check in with yourself: Evaluate your goals, give yourself a fresh start, and consider a little makeover. The Sun is the spotlight of the solar system, so focus on you right now—you love to hide in your shell, but now's not the time!

Relationship issues are stirred up early as action planet Mars (in your sign, which makes you more aggressive than usual) opposes Pluto, in Capricorn, on July 2. This is an explosive combination—Mars rules war, and Pluto rules power. If a breakup has been waiting to happen, this will push things over the edge.


You're cautious, and while you're functional in a confrontation—when it's not with someone you're emotionally tied to—when it comes to someone big in your life, ending things is brutal for you, because you're so fucking sentimental. You're a fan of ghosting as a form of breakup, but let's say you have the guts to dump someone; this is how it would probably go down:

You would arrange to meet them in a public place—a cute café, let's say. It's easy to pop in and out of, and both of you would be too self-conscious to throw a tantrum. On your way to this café, you would pass by at least two dogs, one car, and three shops that remind you of the good times you've had with this person you haven't even dumped yet. And you would already feel the nostalgia breaking your heart before you even got to the cafe. This sentimentality gets in the way of your fresh start—so Mars and Pluto are here to bulldoze your path forward.

A confrontation is likely, so work with this energy by bringing in a third, unbiased party to help mediate and keep things cool. The energy will be emotional and destructive, so if you need to yell at someone (so unlike you, Cancer, but you may feel very unlike yourself), find healthy ways to release anger, like writing in a journal—instead of making a phone call you may regret.

The atmosphere is ultra competitive, which you're not a fan of, Cancer. On the plus side, this could lead to some ultra hot sex. (Mars loves to fuck, and Pluto is kinky as hell—after all, it's the planet that rules hell.) Power struggles will flare, and while the bedroom could be the perfect place for you to enjoy this planetary opposition, remember your safe word and disengage with anyone you find shady or manipulative.


Love-and-money planet Venus enters Gemini on July 4, putting you in a private mood. Invest in some glamorous sunglasses this summer, because you'll want to travel incognito while Venus is in Gemini. You'll be the mystery person of everyone's dreams, and a secret affair is likely.

Also on July 4, communication planet Mercury, which is in your sign, will clash with the planet of innovation and rebellion, Uranus, in Aries. Unexpected home or family issues will come to the fore, and you can expect surprising news. Also likely: a brilliant idea that couldn't have been born without you being under pressure. You're not one of those people who works better under pressure, generally, but sometimes it's just the trick to get your mind moving.

Mercury enters fierce Fire sign Leo on July 5, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your cash and belongings as well as your self-worth. Expect conversations and news about these themes. If you're waiting for a paycheck, or paperwork regarding money, this is the time.

The full moon in Capricorn arrives July 8 (or 9, if you're on the East Coast), bringing a culmination of the issues you've been working on. Capricorn is the first sign of winter—cold, dry, and dark—which contrasts your nurturing, emotional vibe. Because you are a child of the Moon, Cancer, you take on the moods of whatever sign the Moon is in—so expect to feel cooler and darker!


Time is on your mind. You're patient, little crab, but you don't have all day. It's time for things to happen, and that's just what this full moon will trigger. Full moons are times of release—let it all go, whatever it is. Again, issues in your relationships will be highlighted. This is a marvelous time to let go of a bad pattern within one of your commitments.

Capricorn is a practical, grounded energy. This full moon isn't about dreams and promises, or fantasies or feelings. It's about the here and now, the cost, the effort, and the energy. This full moon demands that you stay present and realize the reality of the give-and-take in your relationships.

Warrior planet Mars enters fierce Leo on July 20, again lighting up the self-worth and cash sector of your chart, soon followed by the Sun on July 22. Regal Fire sign Leo is glamorous. Are you owning your fabulousness?

Leo thinks there's no one greater than them, but crabs can also be mighty. Reflect on your self-worth; ask for a raise, or raise your rates if you're self-employed. Work on your budgeting and spending issues, or pick up a book on investing.

Ready to cast a money-drawing spell? Light a green candle in honor of the new moon in Leo on July 23. New moons bring new beginnings, and this one is all about you having enough and feeling secure—financially and emotionally. This new moon is a wonderful time to meditate on your family's money dynamic and how it's affected you as an adult.

Messenger planet Mercury enters analytical Earth sign Virgo on July 25, which will sharpen your mental acuity and put you in a bookish mood. This is a busy time for planning and organizing, and you can expect messages to come your way.

Wear plenty of pearls and moonstones in honor of glamorous Venus, and indulge in some beauty treatments. Spend as much time relaxing in a spa or on the beach as possible. August is around the corner, and it will be wild. See you then, Cancer!