Libra, August 2017
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli 


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Libra, August 2017

Powerful transformations take place this month, Libra—expect your scales to be rocked!

Powerful transformations take place this month, Libra—expect your scales to be rocked! This will be a dramatic August because of two eclipses: one in fellow Air sign Aquarius, the other in theatrical Fire sign Leo. Making things even more hectic, Mercury will go retrograde in Virgo.

Things get interesting early: Lucky planet Jupiter is in your sign, and on August 4, it squares (a tense astrological aspect) Pluto. You're intensely driven to get what you want, especially those desires that are rooted in stability and protection. But watch out: The vibe could also be greedy. Power struggles and control issues will become apparent.


The lunar eclipse in Aquarius lands August 7, shaking up your love life and your creative endeavors. Circumstances, and even relationships you thought were light and casual, may turn out to have deeper meaning—like, some innocent BBQ could become the stage for an emotional reveal, or a one-night stand could illuminate something major.

You'll see things in a new light (eclipses always bring huge reveals!), and now that you have this information, things won't ever be the same—which may suck, but it's for the best. While eclipses often flush things out of our lives, they also reorient us toward the path we're meant to be on.

Your ruling planet, Venus, makes a harmonious connection with Neptune on August 11 (or 12, depending on your time zone). This will be extremely dreamy! Fairy-tale vibes will flow in your relationships. Outside of your love life, expect inspiring conversations. Connect with your spiritual side!

Mercury retrograde begins August 12, in Virgo, so expect miscommunications and delays. Mercury retrograde is infamous for fucking up everything around communication and commerce, so avoid signing anything important or making big purchases. Avoid starting new projects. (You say yes to nearly everything, Libra, but try not to do that now!) Instead, pick up projects that you have put on the back burner.

What should you do during this Mercury retrograde in Virgo? Catch up on sleep. You have permission from me to "forget" to set your alarm clock—sleep in; you need it! Everyone else will be running late, too, anyway. If you can't use Mercury retrograde as an excuse to be tardy, then really, what is it good for?


This Mercury retrograde will find you drawn to hidden, mysterious things. Past secrets may surface! Tap into your psychic abilities, and read up on psychic protection.

Venus opposes Pluto on August 15, which will certainly be an intense day, dear Libra. Venus is in Cancer, bringing blessings to your career and your life in the public eye, while Pluto is in Capricorn, transforming your home and family situation.

You're likely to feel tension between your personal and public lives. Who is asking you to hand over control? Or, conversely, are you trying to manipulate a situation, or feeling overwhelmed or obsessive? Ask yourself these questions mid-month!

On August 16—or 17, if you're on the East Coast—Venus squares (a tense astrological aspect) Jupiter. This will be fun, but it will probably leave you with a bad hangover—from drugs, feelings, sugar, or regret (about how much money you spent). So pace yourself! You're the sign of balance, Libra. Work it out. The energy is fun, and you'll feel confident, but it's super easy to take things to an extreme.

The solar eclipse in Leo lands August 21, which will be a crucial time for your social life—big drama is on the way. (Is it ever any other way with Fire sign Leo? No, Leo lives for drama!) Important friendships are evolving, which may mean you're letting a few people go; however, brilliant new friends could be entering your life too. This happens to be a new moon, which means a fresh start, even though it might come after intense emotional and physical exhaustion.


On August 22, the Sun enters Virgo, illuminating a psychic, private sector of your chart. Your dreams (and daydreams) will become more active, and through them, your inner voice will deliver to you important messages .

You're social, Libra; however, while the Sun is in Virgo (a sign associated with the Hermit card in the tarot), you'll find that you're in an introverted mood. Being around other people's stressful vibes will feel especially wearing. For you, Virgo season is all about resting and recharging!

Venus clashes with Uranus on August 24, which is exciting and stressful. If you've been bored, Libra, this will push you over the edge. You'll seek excitement in all sorts of unusual places.

Libras are famously flirtatious, so I'm happy to report that this transit may bring you unexpected love notes from someone new; it could also help you rekindle the flame with someone you already adore. (If, however, you're feeling suffocated in your relationships, expect this part of the month to be aggravating!) You're in the mood to experiment: in your partnerships, with your look, at work, wherever! Uranus is the planet of surprise, so expect a few.

On August 25—or 26, again, depending on your time zone—Venus enters Leo, followed by Mercury on August 31. (Since Mercury is moving backward in the chart during its retrograde, it'll be reentering the sign of the lion.) These transits will light up the sector of your chart that rules your social life—yay!

While Virgo season will find you craving more nights in than wild nights out, having these two planets in Leo bodes well for meeting new friends, hanging with your best friends, or even joining a group or club (or coven, if you're feeling witchy).

In addition to being the planet of love and money, Venus rules style and beauty. While it's in superstar Leo, grab a new pair of sunglasses, get your hair done ("Bigger is better," says Leo, especially when it comes to hair), and stock up on clothing you find glamorous.

Mercury reentering Leo will stir up conversations and ideas you had back in July. If you met someone then but haven't yet had the chance, during eclipse season, to reach out to them, Mercury's journey back through Leo will find you reconnecting with them.

Libra season is coming soon—until then, good luck!