There Are Just 11 Women Playing Falls – Here's the List of Men

Another lineup but an old problem when it comes to diversity.
August 22, 2017, 6:25am

Falls Festival has announced a bumper lineup for its 25th anniversary celebrations in Lorne, Marion Bay, Byron Bay, and Fremantle over the New Year period.

Flume leads a long list that includes Glass Animals, Run The Jewels, The Kooks, Fleet Foxes, Vince Staples, Daryl Braithwaite and the previously announced Liam Gallagher.

But looking at the below lists of every person playing the long running festival you notice a considerable difference.

Dudes Playing Falls Festival

Harley Streten
Robin Pecknold
Skyler Skjelset
Casey Wescott
Christian Wargo
Morgan Henderson
Killer Mike
Luke Pritchard
Hugh Harris
Peter Denton
Alexis Nuñez
David Bayley
Andrew MacFarlane
Edmund Irwin-Singer
Joe Seaward
Reuben Styles
Adam Hyde
Angus Stone
Liam Gallagher
Vince Staples
Josh Lloyd-Watson
Tom McFarland
Fraser MacColl
George Day
Dominic Whalley
Andro Cowperthwaite
Rudi Salmon
Danny Beusaraus
BC Michaels
Brett Jansch
Wil Wagner
Lee Hartney
Michael "Fitzy" Fitzgerald
Chris Cowburn
Daryl Braithwaite
Jonathan Higgs
Jeremy Pritchard
Michael Spearman
Alex Robertshaw
Tom Gaynor
Sam Hales
Andrew Dooris
Keelan Bijker
Tommy Fiasko
MC Ruthless
DJ Clockwork
Jake Webb
Thom Stewart 50
Chris Wrigh
Oliver Hugh Perry
Shane Parsons
Simon Ridley
Sugar Bones
Reggie Godchild
Clarence McGuffie
James Bartold
Alex Cameron
Ben Marwe
Miles Wilson Cosmo Liney
Patrick Liney
The Bone
Julio Dool
Tyler Richardson
Patrick Marshall
Thomas Busby
Danny Flood
Vincent D
Spike Punch
Cavallo Nero
Shidi Amin
Shattered Guru

Non Dudes Playing Falls Festival

Ecca Vandal
Julia Stone
Georgia Maq
Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich
Sarah Thompson
Alex Lahey
Anna Lunoe
Cesira Aitken
Julia Jacklin
Janet Planet
Jax Anderson

Make of that what you will.

Falls Festival 2017/2018

Thursday, 28th December — Sunday, 31st December
Lorne, Victoria

Friday, 29th December — Sunday, 31st December
Marion Bay, Tasmania

Sunday, 31st December — Tuesday, 2nd January
Byron Bay, New South Wales

Saturday, 6th January — Sunday, 7th January
Fremantle, Western Australia