Brockhampton Just Won’t Stop: Here’s Their New “Junky” Video

Our favorite boyband is spoiling us.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
August 16, 2017, 10:48am

Is there any group in music that works harder than Brockhampton? Is there?? Considering the fact that on Tuesday night, they dropped their third video in three weeks, I'd wager a guess at: no. The video in question is for "Junky," another new track from their upcoming third mixtape Saturation II—now confirmed to be coming on 25 August—following "Gummy" and "Swamp." And both the song and visuals combined reveal a more raw side of Brockhampton.


Though the collective have a reputation for smart, funny verses punctuated by poppy, catchy hooks, "Junky" swerves that formula somewhat, in exchange for something harder and sparser: it features members discussing topics like family life, sexuality, and addiction, against a beat that feels ripped straight from the climax of a horror film. The video matches—while Brockhampton's signature offbeat visuals remain, there's a much darker tone than usual, via creepy looking girls and quite a lot of blood. Watch above and feel grateful that you're experiencing the advent of the boyband in 2017.

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