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We Asked Men Which Household Appliance They're Most Scared of

Because, apparently, 75 percent of men are secretly confused by domestic appliances.
October 5, 2018, 11:07am

Yesterday, we got a press release from whoever does Samsung's PR, informing us that a study has been done, and that this study found that "75 percent of so called 'modern men' are secretly baffled when it comes to using domestic appliances". The most daunting tasks, the email said, were: using a washing machine, defrosting food in the microwave and cleaning the oven.

Not sure what the email was meant to promote, but hey: now we now more about men's relationships with domestic appliances, and for that I guess we can be grateful. To put some faces to this important research, I walked around and asked some guys with appliance they're most scared of.

Michael, 20

VICE: Which household appliance are you most scared of?
Michael: I'm not really scared of any household appliance – like, I know how to use a washing machine, a dishwasher. I'm good with anything, so anything to do with technology or appliances I can do. Obviously, if I need help then I'll ask.

Are most adult men clueless when it comes to chores?
There is a stereotype that men are clueless, but from my experience when I was at uni, there have been times when I've had to help both females and males, and some of the females didn't have a clue. I've had to help both, so I think it's both. I don't think the men are clueless and women know it all, but then I don't think it's the other way around as well. It’s not a gender-based thing; some people are taught by their parents and others are not.


Who does most of your household chores?
Well, I grew up with my mum, so that might be why I know how to do these things, but it's kind of like 50/50.

Kyran, 27

VICE: Which household appliance are you most scared of?
Kyran: The oven.

Who does the household chores in your house?
Well, I live in a shared flat, so I do most of the washing and the cleaning. There is kind of a rota – we like to distribute things equally.

When was the first time you learned how to use a washing machine?
Wow, that was so long ago. All I remember is the first time I used it, I had to ask for help to know what to do, but once you get to know the settings it's transferable.

Are most adult men actually little babies?
It depends – if you don't know how to use something, just read some instructions or ask somebody. Like, I don't know how to use the oven because I cook with gas and grill, so one time I wanted to have pizza, and then I thought, 'Shit, I don't how to use an oven' [laughs]. So yeah, because I don’t use it often, I’m reluctant; I don’t need that stress. I’m sure everyone has something they're not confident using, but if you need help, like, read instructions or YouTube it.

Eli, 24

Which household appliance are you most scared of?
Eli: Washing machines are pretty fucking scary. Especially as a kid – like, it used to make a lot of noise. I didn’t know how to use one until I was 17, so my mum did all my washing. I once stuck a knife in the toaster. Also blenders and insinkerators – those things are scary.

Are most adult men actually little babies when it comes to household chores?
I don't really have an opinion on that, but I think it’s ironic that in society men and women look to older men for guidance when it comes to technical things or mechanical stuff, yet men suck at half the stuff in house, like washing or laundry. Yet, when it's things like change the TV channel or fix the roof, we can do that, but we can't operate a washing machine. When I go visit my dad, seeing him learning to do stuff is funny. I gave him some washing to do and my whites came out pink.


Who does most of the household chores?
I live alone with my mum, so she take immense pride in doing things for me, except for keeping my room clean – I do that. But yeah, she cooks and cleans for me when I’m there, and now I’m travelling. so I’m adjusting.

Clint, 24

Which household appliance are you most scared of?
Clint: Totally fine with everything I’ve got.

Has that always been the case?
No, when I got to uni I had to google a ton of shit but google kind of it has it all there in terms of manuals and stuff, so you can never really get stuck.

Are most adult men actually little babies when it comes to household chores?
A lot of the people I know aren't – like [men in their] young twenties, a lot of those guys have to look after themselves, so you kind of have to learn.

Who does most of the chores in your house?
I live with my girlfriend so we try to distribute it equally, but I do get called out on some stuff [laughs], but it’s because I work all the time, so I get home quite late, so it's easy to fall behind.

James, 21

Which household appliance are you most scared of?
James: I feel like most people say washing machine. I don't mind any of that stuff because I have a lot of clothes, so I kind of have to know. I think the only one I'm kind of scared of is the dishwasher; I live in village when I'm not in London, so I have a wash bowl when I'm at home. So dishwashers just weird me out – like, why not just wash stuff yourself? It's like no effort, and what chores should kids do if they can't wash up? I just think they're pointless.

When's the first time you used a washing machine?
Probably university.

Are most adult men actually little babies when it comes to household chores?
It's 2018, so I wanna have an open mind and think no, but in general young people are just shit at housekeeping. I don’t think there are gender divides – people are just shit at household chores.

Who does most of the chores in your house?
Probably me – I'm very orderly. I hate mess, so I like things clean.

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