21 Moments You Might Have Missed from the Royal Wedding


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21 Moments You Might Have Missed from the Royal Wedding

Lots of dogs and flags.

Not sure I even have to tell you what happened this weekend, aware – as we all are now, innately, biologically, the information stored deep within the global psyche – that there was a wedding a lot of people cared about very much. A wedding watched by 18 million people in the UK, streamed live in its entirety by YouTube, Facebook, the BBC and all sorts of other media and social media outlets.

Of course, for the majority of Harry and Meghan's big day, these media outlets' cameras were trained on the guests: the royals; the periphery royals; the aristocrats, billionaires and heirs; the David Beckham and the Oprah Winfrey. So you may well have missed what was happening outside of and behind their shots, where the great British public had gathered to drink cans, cover themselves in assorted Union Jack tat and cheer at projected images on a massive screen.


Luckily, photographer Chris Bethell was there taking pictures of it all, so now you can see for yourself.