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Taiwanese YouTuber Faces Charges for Staying Overnight in IKEA and Getting Naked

He was seen in a video pretending to shower without any clothes.
youtuber gets naked in ikea in taiwan
Screenshots by Taiwan News and Mothership from Max's YouTube Video. 

YouTubers are at it again. The viral IKEA challenge has vloggers all over the world sneaking themselves inside a store after hours and staying overnight. And, as one would expect, this results in some pretty wild and inappropriate content.

The latest example is Taiwanese YouTuber Max Lee, son of actor Lee Hisng-Wen, who on Wednesday, Oct. 30, posted a video of himself in an IKEA butt naked. According to the Taipei Times, the police have charged him with indecent conduct and unlawful entry for the stunt.


Max stayed overnight at the IKEA branch in the Xinzhuang district from Monday, October 28 to Tuesday, October 29. In the video titled "24Hour Challenge – Overnight inside IKEA," he is seen standing on tables, lying on couches, and even pretending to take a shower and use the toilet stripped down. Some screenshots even show him pretending to masturbate in front of a computer.

The YouTuber told employees the next working that he was a customer who came early, but they reportedly told him the store had not opened and escorted him out of the building. The store manager, identified by the surname is Wang, filed a police report against Max on Thursday afternoon.

Following the report of the incident, police summoned Lee for a statement on Friday. Lee apologised and said his father was not happy with his actions. The Xinzhuang police precinct is now investigating the case.

The video has since been taken down but not before it was criticised by netizens and garnered more dislikes than likes on YouTube. One comment said that what he did was unfair to the security staff and shop employees who could lose their jobs over the incident.

YouTubers are infamous for their inappropriate stunts. In May, a YouTuber faced backlash for pretending to fire a Walmart employee in a prank.

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