Watch This Trump Supporter Get Arrested For Beating Up a 61-Year-Old Man

"I didn't go down, for what that's worth," the protester said.
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A 29-year-old Trump supporter was charged with assault Thursday night for stepping out of his red truck and beating up a 61-year-old protester in downtown Cincinnati outside a Trump rally.

An assembled crowd reportedly chanted “Lock him up!” as cops handcuffed the man, identified by local media as Central Kentucky resident Dallas Frazier, after he repeatedly punched the protester in the head and broke his glasses.


The protesters had been holding up their signs outside of the U.S. Bank Arena when Frazier pulled up in a red pickup. He and the protesters started yelling at each other, and then Frazier hopped out of the truck and charged a protester identified as Mike Alter.

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Afterward Alter said he had no intention of egging him on. “I was more questioning him,” he told WCPO Cincinnati. “Like, really? You want to fight?”

“I didn’t go down, for what that’s worth,” Alter added.

As soon as the fight started, it was over.

The police, who were standing nearby monitoring the situation, quickly stepped in and cuffed Frazier, who is due to appear in court Friday, according to the local Fox affiliate news station.

President Donald Trump has often been accused of escalating tensions and encouraging outright violence from the stump. And in Cincinnati on Thursday, his rhetoric was characteristically inflammatory.

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As protesters disrupted his remarks, the president said, “You must have a Democrat mayor. Come on, law enforcement.”

Trump also went off on windmills (”If a windmill is within two miles of your house, your house is practically worthless”) and claimed that “We will be ending the AIDS epidemic shortly in America, and curing childhood cancer very shortly.”

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