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Self-proclaimed terrorists take responsibility for a murder in a Mexican university

The group calling itself the Individualists Who Lean Towards the Wild has claimed it carried out several violent acts since 2011. It says it is "at war with civilization and progress."
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The group calling itself Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje — translated as Individualists Who Lean Towards the Wild — have claimed responsibility for a murder in the chemistry faculty of Mexico's biggest university.

The group, that goes by its initials ITS and describes itself as "individualist-terrorist" made the claim in a statement uploaded onto a blog called "Eco-extremist Curse." It describes itself as "at war with civilization and progress" that it blames for annihilating the individual.


"We stabbed the head of chemical services at the chemistry faculty in the UNAM," the statement read, referring to the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City. "The wounds and death we cause will be blood offerings to Wild Nature."

José Jaime Barrera Moreno, an administrator at the faculty, was found dead in a corridor on Monday night. According to a report from the attorney general's offices he died from a stab wound under his left arm.

In its communique, ITS went on to advise students, teachers, and investigators at the university to "look after themselves" because, it said, "we will not hesitate to carry out another mortal attack."

ITS first attracted attention in 2011 when it claimed to be the source of a letter bomb that seriously injured a professor working in nanotechnology research in a campus of the TEC de Monterrey university located in the State of Mexico.

The ITS has claimed responsibility for several previous attacks since then, including the murder of a computer science student Ángel León de la Cruz who was shot dead on May 18. His death had been previously blamed on an armed robbery.

"We do NOT believe in a 'better tomorrow,' we are not 'revolutionaries' and we do not identify with their recycled ideologies," the group's statement said. "We are individualist-terrorists with egoic objectives that are politically incorrect, amoral, and discriminatory."

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