Watch this Amazing Video of a 72-Year-Old Raving at a Festival in Florida

You might remember him from a 2016 viral video where he dances to Bro Safari at a Tampa music festival.
May 29, 2017, 5:49pm
Foto cortesía de James Coletta/Sunset Music Festival.

Club music is not just for millennials, as Florida-based former tech executive Alan Grofé proved this weekend. Much like 82-year-old dumpling chef-turned-DJ Sumiko Iwamuro, Grofé is the spry 72-year-old losing it to Bro Safari in the viral video from last year's Sunset Music Festival in Tampa, and the semi-retired grandfather has become something of a local legend as a result. In a new interview, he sat down with the Tampa Bay Times last week to talk about his raving legacy.

Grofé recalls falling in love with electronic music through ambient rave act the Orb in the 90s, what it was like going to clandestine warehouse raves back in the day, and why he still believes in the PLUR lifestyle. At one point he describes his first experience at a rave, when he went with his son, who told him, "Dad, stay away from me, they're gonna think you're a narc!"

He also talks about the fact that younger ravers have increasingly approached him to say hello on Florida dancefloors. "All the sudden, people have become more interested in taking photos with me whenever I go out," Grofé said in the interview. "I'm happy if it inspires them to live a life they love. The one I see a lot is people tagging their friends in the comments saying, look, this is us in 30 years!'" To see some heartwarming examples, check out the comments on the Bro Safari video.

The Tampa-based semi-retiree went to Sunset Music Festival for the third year in a row this past weekend, which took place from May 27–28.

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