Cleveland and Oakland Wait in Horror for Stephen A. Smith's Finals Pick

Stephen A. Smith has picked the wrong team to win the NBA Finals six years in a row. Will it be seven?
May 26, 2017, 3:47pm

This is a hugely satisfying video that's floating around Reddit this morning. An unnamed hero spliced together clips of Stephen A. Smith predicting a winner in the NBA Finals going back to 2011, followed immediately by the closing seconds of each Finals series. Smith is dead wrong each time.

Now, talking-head-show predictions are a very gentle step up from Punxsutawney Phil reading the tea leaves in his shadow every year, and everyone makes them. So of course people are going to be wrong, but there is a chef-kisses-fingertips element to a man as loudly self-assured as Stephen A. being so wrong so often.

So now the question becomes: Who will he pick this year? Will he go with King James? Or will he hitch his wagon to the Warriors juggernaut? As we ponder these questions, we turn to the the Bay Area, and Cleveland. It's a dangerous time for these two municipalities. There's a lot on the line. It's the Finals rubbermatch we've all been waiting for. The Associated Press is trying to make "threematch" a thing (please don't let that happen). Basketball supremacy will be determined in a best of three of a best of seven.

Cavs. Warriors. Whose day will Stephen A. ruin?