Monthly Horoscope: Taurus, October 2018
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Monthly Horoscope: Taurus, October 2018

Welcome to Libra season!
September 28, 2018, 2:26pm

Welcome to Libra season, my bovine bud! The sun is shining in the sector of your chart that rules your daily routines and rituals, inspiring you to organize your to-do list, break bad habits, and start good ones. October is off to a complicated start with trickster Mercury squaring off with the lord of the underworld, Pluto, to make planning things a tougher than usual. Watch out for manipulative behavior or being bullied by someone who insists that they know how to do your job better than you. That said, some seriously juicy information may come your way in the beginning of the month, Taurus!


Your ruling planet Venus begins its retrograde in Scorpio on October 5! Venus retrogrades find us reflecting on love, money, beauty, and our values—and while Venus typically has a smooth, easy energy around working with these themes, during a retrograde, Venus is all business. When sweet, gentle Venus is in sexy, mysterious Scorpio, it’s an intense vibe to begin with, but it’s even more striking since it’s retrograde. This is going to be huge for your relationships, Taurus! Think back to autumn 2010—that was the last time Venus was retrograde in Scorpio, and similar themes and lessons will come up for you again. Think back over the last month, too—those themes are also going to come back up, as Venus entered its pre-retrograde shadow period on September 3. Expect to run into past lovers, but hold off on any makeovers…money spent at a salon during Venus retrograde is not well spent! Wait until after Venus ends its retrograde on November 16.

The new moon in Libra arrives on October 8; a perfect time to set intentions around self-care, your daily wellness routines, and your day job. Libra is the sign of balance, so ask this new moon to help you create a more even-keeled, supportive daily schedule that allows you to be productive and not get burned out. Libra is also the sign of partnership, so if you need help doing something, just ask! Sometimes it’s much more fun to run errands with a friend by your side. Bring in people to assist you during this new moon.


Communication planet Mercury enters Scorpio on October 9, activating the partnership sector of your chart, so expect there to be plenty of talk! This is an exciting time to meet people—and you may meet someone very unexpected as Mercury opposes wildcard Uranus on October 10. Venus is retrograde, so this unexpected person may very well be from your past. Either way, it’s sure to be interesting, especially since there is so much passion and tension in the air due to Venus retrograde squaring off with the planet of action, Mars, on October 10.

A grounding energy takes place as Mercury connects with Saturn on October 12—people are taking a mature approach to communication! Mercury meets Venus on October 15, bringing an interesting perspective on the Venus retrograde story you’re working through this autumn, helping you and your partners communicate your needs—and likely bringing some interesting information your way, too, as someone in your life may be ready to get something off their chest. Empathetic communication flows on October 19, when Mercury connects with Neptune—but watch out for arguments, especially at work, as Mercury clashes with Mars on October 19.

The sun enters Scorpio and opposes Uranus on October 23, bringing big surprises in your relationships! You’re usually totally resistant to change, Taurus, but this month, you’re the one shifting everything around! You’re itching for total freedom this Scorpio season. The full moon in your sign arrives on October 24, finding you experiencing major emotional release. Scorpio season is all about relationships for you, but this full moon is in your sign, which means you're examining your needs and figuring out who you are in your partnerships. A situation that’s been brewing in a relationship will finally come to a climax. The sun meets Venus on October 26, a key moment during the Venus retrograde when you come to an inner-awakening around what lessons you’re meant to focus on—this is definitely a big deal in your relationships, so circle the date on your calendar.

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Mercury meets Jupiter on October 29, which will be a big day for communication in your relationships. Conversations go even deeper when Mercury enters philosophical Sagittarius on October 31: Intense and complicated topics like sex, death, and taxes are on your mind. Conversations that are usually very difficult will move and flow with more ease, thanks to Mercury in broadminded, quick-moving Sagittarius.

Halloween is sure to be full of surprises, since your ruling planet Venus will oppose Uranus—unexpected shifts will take place in your relationships. Venus is a diplomatic sign, but Uranus is the rebel; when they oppose, a sudden departure from the norm takes place. You might give up trying to please others, and just decide to do your own thing! And you might find yourself connecting with some unusual people who you normally wouldn't go for. Venus re-enters Libra on October 31, which will find you asking if you’re taking enough care of yourself and your responsibilities. Venus in Libra is a people-pleaser, but Venus is retrograde, and it’s time to put yourself first and get down to business. Good luck this month, Taurus, and see you in November!