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Begonia Kills Toxic Relationships in 'Out Of My Head' Live Performance

The Winnipeg singer’s Audiotree North live session is emotionally intense.

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Begonia has one of Canada’s most extraordinary voices, and thankfully she uses it to obliterate the misery from this world one live performance at a time. The Winnipeg-based artist released a video for "Out Of My Head" through Audiotree North, a music discovery platform that also hosts slick live sessions. The track is about overcoming emotional pain, and it comes from her 2017 release Lady In Mind release. The performance was filmed in Toronto’s Longboat Hall, and Begonia’s Adele-like range and power fills the space with all kinds of feelings.“There was a time when I thought that I had lost my faith,” Begonia laments on the track.

“I wrote 'Out Of My Head' at a pretty desperate time in my life.” Begonia wrote to Noisey about the song. “I had just found the courage to separate from a very toxic relationship but wasn't fully prepared for how hard the fall out would be. I felt haunted by all the memories and had trouble seeing things clearly. When I wrote the lyrics, I kind of pictured myself yelling at…myself. I was begging myself to move on and rise above the darkness that I felt was following me, while also trying to take stock of how far I had come by simply leaving that relationship behind in the first place. I knew I just had to keep moving forward even if it didn't feel easy. The main message is basically just to trust your instincts and that sometimes even in your darkest moments you have more power than you think. Power from family, from community, but most importantly power from inside yourself.” Watch the video above.

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