Pisces, May 2018


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Pisces, May 2018

Taurus season is here, Pisces!
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli

Welcome to Taurus season, Pisces! The Sun’s journey through grounded earth sign Taurus lights up the sector of your chart that rules your mind, and this month is sure to be illuminating. You’ll be eager to learn and connect with friends, and your mental acuity will be boosted — you’re a daydreamer, Pisces, but your communication and problem-solving skills will be sharp as Taurus’ stabilizing and focused energy is in the air. On a mundane level, Taurus season will find you exploring and connecting with your local neighborhood, visiting your old haunts, and scoping out newly opened venues. Call one of your siblings and say hi — Taurus season wants you in touch!


Venus will clash with your planetary ruler Neptune on May 7 — do not text an ex out of loneliness today, Pisces! Everyone will be in a weepy mood. Sensitive feelings will be in the air; we’ll all want affection, but we’ll also feel like we aren’t sure if we deserve it. A one-night stand today could be filled with I love you’s and promises, but don’t place any bets! On the next day, May 8, the Sun will oppose your other planetary ruler, Jupiter, which will bring luck your way, but watch out for conversations filed with assumptions and exaggerations, as well as for big egos and greed.

If your mind has been feeling strained and stressed, I have good news for you: Communication planet Mercury will enter Taurus on May 13, strengthening your mental focus. You’re famous for your flexibility, but Taurus is not… this can be a good thing! Mercury in Taurus’s energy will anchor you so you don’t get lost in daydreams. Your creative spark won’t go anywhere, but you may have an easier time planning and discussing your brilliant ideas now.

Communication is a big theme for you during Taurus season, and if there have been any miscommunications or confusion in your life recently, the new moon in Taurus on May 15 will help reground the energy and encourage a clean slate. The facts may still be murky at this time; however, this is where your intuitive superpowers will come in handy. You will be especially tuned into your inner voice at this time! Let the past and its misunderstandings go, and connect with your sense of truth and your own voice to make the future clearer.


May 15 is a big day — not only because of the new moon in Taurus, but also because Uranus, the planet of innovation and genius, will enter Taurus as well (and will remain there until 2026!). This is a huge deal. Surprising news is surely on the way, and you can expect a major boost in creative thinking on your end, little fish; Uranus is the planet of the rebel and the free thinker. You’re always been a fantastic artist, but now you’ll be even more inventive and innovative.

You can expect a major boost in creative thinking on your end, little fish. You’re always been a fantastic artist, but now you’ll be even more inventive and innovative.

Action planet Mars enters Aquarius on May 16, finding you in a restless mood — and it clashes with Uranus shortly after, bringing some unexpected information your way. Your intuition, again, will be heightened. If you don’t already keep a dream journal, this week will be a good time to keep track of the images that come to you as sleep. Repressed emotions will bubble to the surface. More practically speaking: You’ve never been a fan of confrontation, and while Mars is in Aquarius, you’ll be even less in the mood to approach any situation that requires you to be in fighter mode.

Reflect on privacy and psychic self-defense as Mars goes through air sign Aquarius. Unexpected drama may land on your lap as Uranus draws secrets to the surface, but you don’t need to take the bait on any fights — address the issues, communicate your side, and dip out.


Venus will enter fellow water sign Cancer on May 19, bringing blessings to the romance and creativity sector of your chart. Fun! This is a fantastic time to flirt with your crushes and go on dates. You’ll also be feeling artistically inspired, so break out your art supplies. Invitations to party will come your way, and you’ll be in the mood to celebrate.

On the next day, May 20, the Sun enters Gemini, lighting up the home and family sector of your chart, so entertain at your space. Themes concerning privacy, security, and boundaries will come up for you during Gemini season; this is a good time to rethink the emotional structures and supports you have in your life. Make time to energetically cleanse your home, too!

On May 22, Mercury will connect with Neptune, creating an imaginative atmosphere — perfect for talking about your feelings or creative self-expression. Just don’t share anything you’re not totally ready to, no matter how excited you may be: On May 23, Mercury will oppose Jupiter, which may find you saying more than you mean to!

May 25 will be especially exciting. Both of your ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, will connect in the sky, creating a fantastic, sweep-you-off-your-feet energy! Again, this isn’t just brilliant for romance, but also for creativity. An exciting adventure or spiritual breakthrough could also arrive. But don’t go overboard — on May 26, Venus will oppose Saturn, which will bring cold, hard realities to the surface. This will not be an easygoing energy at all, so don’t make any promises you can’t keep, and expect to quickly learn if other people have overcommitted or straight-up lied.

A full moon in Sagittarius will arrive on May 29. Gemini season will find you focused on your home and family life; however, the full moon in Sagittarius will put the focus on your professional and public life. A climax will take place for you professionally — exciting! But don’t overbook yourself, as the energy will be very exhausting and emotional. Mercury enters Gemini on May 29, too, helping you make sense of all your feelings. Sagittarius and Gemini are both very chatty signs — talk about what’s going on for you during this full moon, little fish!

See you next month!