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ON DECK: Druid Cloak

Bringing together fantasy fiction and bass music in a way that would even make an uruk-hai skank.

There is nobody in the game like Druid Cloak. The mysterious, Ohio-based producer has wrought a world unto himself that merges the dense atmospherics of fantasy fiction with the heady heaviness of bass music. His aesthetic is effortlessly unique, so nerdy that it immediately weeds out the posers, and more importantly than anything: it brings the bassweight in a way that would even make an uruk-hai skank.


Cloaky's ON DECK debut comes outta the gates with a Throwing Snow remix of his notable "Wraithebone Falls" tune off of Lore, a release in the series of conceptual EPs telling the tale of Josef Wolff, the Druid Cloak sporting protagonist who sits at the core of DC's work. From there, the mix is a veritable smorgasbord of discovery that champions tech-ed out, hip-hop influenced bass sounds from a whole host of artists we were unacquainted with, much of which was released on his own Apothecary Compositions.

Everything this guy does is fire, probably some blue-flamed fire that you have to roll an 18 to put out, but fire none-the-less.

Druid Cloak - Wraithborne Falls (Throwing Snow Remix) - Apothecary Compositions*
Magic Fades & Soul Ipsum - Anonymity Fetish - Apothecary Compositions*
Brogan Bentley - Secret Strength - Leaving Records
Krimslo - Flight Zone - RAW Records*
Ethan Eschelon - Riddim 1 - CDR*
Interferon - Burn Lines - Apothecary Compositons*
Morkebla - See-Through Beings - Reckno
Yamaneko - Noise In The Wave Wires Like The Kissing Of The Sea (feat. Rimpleton) - Local Action
Venn Rain - Untitled 1 - S.I.N.K. CDs
Dynooo - XArchia - Glue Moon
Druid Cloak - Gloom Pit - Apothecary Compositions*
Dark Horses - Live on Hunger (Druid Cloak Remix) - Last Gang Records*
Druid Cloak - Obsidia Chroma - Apothecary Compositions*
Silker - Entweilen - Apothecary Compositions*^
B-Ju - Kids On Fire (Ticklish Remix) - Apothecary Compositions*
M.E.S.H. - Scythians (Grovestreet Remix) - PAN
? - ? - CDR*
Yearning Kru - Ablation Initiate - Quantum Natives
Hanali - The Struts - Flamebait
C Plus Plus - Swimsuit Clique - Apothecary Compositions*
Sd Laika - Percressing - Tri Angle Records
Sam Binga - Tek Nuh Chat - Critical Music
Celestial Trax - Illuminate (Druid Cloak Remix) - The Astral Plane*
Dj Paypal - Shit Getz Real 15 - CDR*
Druid Cloak - Quills (Strict Face Remix) - Apothecary Compositions*
Imami - Contrapposto - Tessier-Ashpool Recordings*
? - ? (Druid Cloak Lore Edition) - CDR*
Richard Band - Prologue, Main Title (Re-Animator Score) - Waxwork
Gage - Telo (Suda Remix) - Crazy Legs
Gatekeeper - Imperiatrix - Presto?!
Nava Luvu - Bird Chains - Apothecary Compositions*
Karmelloz - Yan 2 - Cleaning Tapes*

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