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This Couple Got It On Behind the Blackhawks' Bench


Wow. — Sarah Lauch (@SarahLauch)November 30, 2016

Witnessing public displays of affection at the hockey rink is quite commonplace, as teammates regularly embrace each other intimately and lovingly after each and every goal they score. Catching two random fans sucking face on camera, however, is not so common.

This frisky couple was caught (as if they were trying to hide it) on TV making out directly behind the Chicago Blackhawks bench during their game against Vancouver on Tuesday. The act of passion and love was beautiful, but also raises certain questions that may never be answered.

Did they know they were in the sightlines of the camera? Did they plan it? Did they care? Did the magnified view of Joel Quenneville's perfectly groomed mustache ignite a flame too large to resist? Did the fresh white jersey suffer any collateral damage that will put its future at risk? Does Jonathan Toews get the primary assist on the play? Toews' No. 19 Blackhawks sweater was the highest selling jersey in the NHL in 2015—with his track record on the ice combined with results like that off of it—it's obvious why.

Or maybe there's a simple explanation to all of this, and they're just like us and have simply had enough of the Blackhawks.