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James Lavelle's Curatorial Debut

Lavelle teams up with Haunch of Venison gallery for an UNKLE-inspired exhibition.
July 13, 2010, 6:40pm

Creator James Lavelle (aka UNKLE), one of the UK’s preeminent DJ’s and electronic artists, is teaming up with Haunch of Venison gallery in London to curate an exhibition of works inspired by UNKLE tracks. The exhibition aims to explore the relationship between music and art and features newly commissioned works from some of Lavelle’s favorite artists and previous collaborators.

Lavelle, a long-time art collector and enthusiast, initially hatched the idea after a conversation with Brian Message (Radiohead’s manager); and the two approached the gallery to begin talks of an exhibition nearly four years ago. It’s been a long time coming but the project, entitled Daydreaming With James Lavelle, is set to finally come to fruition on August 27th. The show promises to create a “multi-sensory environment” merging works from artists representing a wide range of disciplines from sound art to street art to light installations to video installations to photography.

Each artist in the exhibition has been assigned a track of UNKLE’s music and tasked with responding to the track via a newly created art piece — essentially riffing on Lavelle’s creative output to come up with some new and innovative way to convey his musical expression visually. We’ve got to admit, we’re excited to see what materializes because the roster of artists involved is nothing to scoff at, featuring big names like Nathan Coley (former Turner Prize nominee), noted street art duo FAILE, and graffiti artist Futura.

We’re glad we’re seeing more collaborative projects like this bringing creatives from various disciplines together — there’s so much potential for overlap and mutual inspiration. What kind of cross-media collaborations would you like to see?