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Ariana and the Rose Captures the Sting of Relationship Disintegration on "Love You Lately"

The NYC singer teams up with rising LA duo RKCB.

"Guess I don't love you lately," sings Ariana alongside the RKCB boys. Dang. Never nice words to hear, which is quite the opposite of this song which, is very pleasurable for the ears. The skinny on Ariana she's from NYC and generally creates a sparkly, occasionally euphoric, dance-angled kind of synth-pop that'll find favor with fans of Charli XCX. But for this song—lifted from her forthcoming Retrograde EP— she's teamed up with LA duo RKCB, a duet that's brought out a more sultry, R&B-toned side to Ariana.


"The song is a snapshot of the moment in a relationship when you realize it's over but aren't ready to give it up," explains Ariana. "Writing with the RKCB guys is always the best, we had been in the studio writing what became 'Love You Lately' and just felt like the song had to be told from a female and male perspective."

Retrograde is out March 24th. Ariana and the Rose will play at this year's SXSW