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The Making Of Elijah Wood's Phantom Limb In Flying Lotus' New Video "Tiny Tortures"

A video details the process of virtually removing the actor’s arm and replacing it with a frankenstein limb.

Even though he earned everyone’s affection as Frodo, ever since Elijah Wood played Kevin, the creepy supernatural cannibal in Sin City that gets dismantled by Marv, we’ve been able to see him in a darker context, and that’s the Elijah Wood we get in Flying Lotus’ new video for “Tiny Tortures.” When we spoke to FlyLo, he didn’t mention anything about going a little Hollywood for his music videos, but looks like his collaborations have gained some star power. In “Tiny Tortures,” we spend a little quality time with an amputated Wood coming to terms with his injury through a nice, warm phantom limb delusion that telekinetically pulls random items from around to house together to form a new appendage.

A couple days after the video dropped, director David Lewandowski released a making-of video that chronicles the entire production from motion capture to arm stump synthesis to the animation of this imagined arm. Using Cinema 4D screengrabs and actual test footage, we see how he went about creating this strange narrative and turning Wood into an odd and depraved but sympathetic character.

Nice choice of music by Pearson Sound in the making-of below (he’s got some new jams on his Soundcloud you should check out).