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Pixlpa And Weirdcore Team Up To Remix Chuck-D's Face

Icarus’s remix of Eclectic Method’s track “Outta Sight” gets complemented with some kaleidoscopic visuals.
April 8, 2011, 4:12pm

Weirdcore’s just notified us of the latest project he’s been working on: a video remix of Chuck D and Eclectic Method’s track “Outta Sight”. He collaborated on this audiovisual mix with Andrew Benson (aka Pixlpa, who we had a Q&A with a few months back) and Icarus, who did the audio. The video features spinning multi-colored visuals and spiky shapes refracting the image of Chuck D’s face while the audio stutters and starts. It’s pretty mind-bending stuff, and you can only imagine how great it would look in a live show. To find out if that was going to happen, along with a bit more about how they did it, we emailed Weirdcore and asked.

The Creators Project: Can you briefly explain how you achieved the visual effects in the video remix?
Weirdcore: Me and Andrew Benson have been making a lot of the visuals for the AFX [Aphex Twin] shows, Andrew’s been doing all the hard coding side of things in Jitter. For this remix we used real-time video motion analysis and face tracking effects to create the visuals. Andrew put the video I lip synced to (as well as I possibly could) through some of the latest visual tools and gave me several variations, then I composited it all into After Effects.

Will we be seeing these visuals in the live arena?
Yes, definitely. The AFX crowds are not going to escape this treatment, oh no!

What made you choose to remix this particular track?
Icarus are old friends of mine, I’ve been wanting to do stuff with them for ages and this was a good opportunity.

Be sure to check out Eclectic Method’s original track below.