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This Game Lets You Build a Cam Girl Empire

It's like Sim City, but for
August 17, 2015, 1:05pm

Sim City is fun and all, sure, but why manage a city when you can manage a growing cam girl operation?

HunieCam Studio, a new management simulator from the makers of the salacious dating simulator HuniePop, will let you do just that.

Cam girls, as if you didn't know, refers to women who offer live adult shows, streamed online, which viewers can access for a price. Many performers work through hugely popular sites like, which collects thousands of cam girls under one banner, giving them access to a large audience and a 30-60 percent revenue share.


As you can see in the trailer above, HunieCam Studio will let you manage a site much like Players will recruit up to "20 unique girls who don't mind showing a little skin to pay off that liberal arts degree," unlock new outfits, purchase sex toys, promote their business on other adult sites, and analyze user data to optimize revenue.

It's an interesting idea, and it seems like fun in the way that it's fun to optimize city infrastructure in Sim City, but the developer's description of the game leads me to believe they don't intend to treat sex workers with any degree of respect.

According to the blurb on the game's Steam Greenlight, where users can vote to get it on the Steam store, players will be able to "take control of a cam girl operation and try to make as much dirty, filthy internet money as possible. Recruit a variety of sexy ladies that have probably made some poor life choices," and "Abandon [their] morals and die of a coke overdose."

It seems like an unnecessarily mocking approach to a subject that would actually make for a very interesting management sim, but is perhaps to be expected from the makers of HuniePop, a dating sim, "visual novel," and puzzle game, but ultimately just a very convoluted way to ogle some half-naked anime ladies.

HunieCam Studio doesn't have a release date yet. Judging by the 320 comments on the Greenlight page, it seems to be getting a strong, mixed reaction from HuniePop fans, with a lot of them are complaining that they'd prefer to original's, traditional anime artstyle.