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Skrillex and Jennifer Lopez Working on Music Together

No word on when the new material will be released.
Photo of Jennifer Lopez by dvsross/Flickr

On Friday, Jennifer Lopez posted a quick clip to her Instagram of the singer and actress in the studio with none other than Skrillex himself.

Lopez can be seen singing along to a dance track in the video while Skrillex is dancing next to her.

"Playing around in the studio," Lopez captioned the video clip.

The short clip offers a taste of the music that sounds in line with Lopez's more dance-friendly contemporary releases. And the collaboration falls in line with Skrillex's recent pop music experiments. Most notably, the producer did extensive work on Justin Bieber's album Purpose and collaborated with Bieber and Diplo for the hit single "Where Are Ü Now"

Thus far, Skrillex has not released a comment about the collaboration. Watch the clip below.